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Configure Network Settings in OpenSuse

Hello! Welcome to LivingTech. In this video, I will show you how to configure your network settings. Navigate to the start menu and choose Computer and click on Yast. In a few moments you will be prompted for your administrative password. Once this loads, you will navigate on the left hand side to the system

Data Flow on the Internet

Welcome to Data Flow on the Internet. The Internet is a worldwide collection of computers that are linked together. These global connections form a common, wide area network also known as the World Wide Web. This global connection allows you to exchange information with someone down the street or halfway around the world at any

The Internet: Crash Course Computer Science #29

Hi, I’m Carrie Anne, and welcome to CrashCourse Computer Science! As we talked about last episode, your computer is connected to a large, distributed network, called The Internet. I know this because you’re watching a youtube video, which is being streamed over that very internet. It’s arranged as an ever-enlarging web of interconnected devices. For