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How ad tech underpins the internet | FT

Ad tech is the business model that underpins the internet. Most websites and apps may be free to use, but they make money by displaying digital advertising targeted specifically at you. An entire industry has grown up around auctioning and targeting online adverts as accurately as possible using data collected about each and every user.

Keeping the Internet Open for All in Pakistan

In Pakistan at the moment because of the geostrategic location, because of the war on terror, there’s very little focus on social justice issues. We have over three dozen—more than three dozen—news channels, but they tend to only cover certain aspects because of course if there’s a bomb going on, you won’t be talking about

Why Care About Internet Privacy?

I heard a saying that, “If you’re not paying for the product, then you ARE the product.” Absolutely, it’s absolutely true. That’s Alan Henry from LifeHacker.com. So, first off, Alan, why should we care about internet privacy? Every time you click from one website to another, you click on a link to go to the