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Create Hyperlinks Appropriate to the Content

I hope you’re starting to see a theme emerge in accessible presentation design: accessible slides are achieved through a combination of content decisions and context decisions, combined with leveraging the functionality of your slide application. How you display hyperlinks on slides is very much a contextual decision. In the deck we’re working on, there are

How to analyze hyperlinks (Step-by-step guide)

Hello Folks. The ‘Project Analyzer’ makes it easy to evaluate the hyperlinks used throughout your project. You can use the Project Analyzer to sort hyperlinks by their properties (i.e. type, caption, target, and topic) and to drill-down to resolve problems such as broken and/or duplicate hyperlinks. To access the Project Analyzer, click the ‘Analyze Project’

Word 2010: Hyperlinks

In some documents, you may want to include an email address or a web address, and Word allows you to format them as hyperlinks. I’m going to add an email address to the end of this cover letter, and if I then press the space bar or the Enter key, Word will automatically format it

HTML & CSS: Styling Hyperlinks

Hi. My name is Riotta Scott and today I’m going show you how to style hyperlinks with CSS. I’m using Dreamweaver CC here so that we can see the design view as we work, but I’ll type directly into the style sheet so that those of you who are using a text editor like Notepad

Learn Excel- Insert Hyperlink vs =HYPERLINK: #1363

Learn Excel from MrExcel podcast episode 1363: Insert Hyperlink vs.=HYPERLINK() Hey welcome back to the MrExcel netcast, I’m Bill Jelen from MrExcel.com talking about hyperlinks. One of the questions I get when we’re talking about hyperlinks is, “what’s the difference between Insert Hyperlink, the menu feature versus the=HYPERLINK() function? When should you use one and

Word 2013: Hyperlinks

In some documents, you may want to include an email address or a web address. You can format these as hyperlinks, so people can access the information directly from Word. For example, I’d like to add an email address to the signature at the bottom of this letter. And if I press the space bar,

PowerPoint 2010: Inserting Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks in PowerPoint act just like the links you find online. They have their own display text (for example, “USA.gov Retirement Resources”), and also an email address, web page, or some other location that they’re linked to. I’d like show you how to turn text into a link starting here. All you have to do