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aaaaaaaaaaa Aaaaah the Internet’s so scary!!1!!1 HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GAWWWD WW DOT KILL YOU NOW NO HOHO GAWD welcum 2 teh intnet wre u can shar ur sadness with othr ppl insted of bottling it up insied heh… haha… ha… The Internet is a mistake! SHADDUP GRANDMA so for alla u grandma n’ grandpas out there we’re

Adding Data to an ASP.NET Core Website | ASP.NET Core 101 [3 of 13]

>>Hey, we’re making an ASP.NET website in this ASP.NET 101 series, and we did a Hello World.>>Yes.>>I’m feeling pretty successful already.>>That’s pretty great. Self-esteem.>>Self-esteem is an all time high.>>Yes.>>Let’s add some data to our website. Now, when we last left our heroes, we had made the Contoso Crafts website. It’s a local website, and all

ESP32 Internet Radio Update

Dear friends welcome to another video! This is Nick from educ8s.tv and today I am going to show you the updated version of the ESP32 Internet radio. Let’s get started! A few weeks ago, I built this Internet radio device using an ESP32 board and an MP3 decoder module. You can check the detailed video