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Web Development: Intro to Web Lab

My name is Mei’lani. I’m a curriculum development intern here at Code.org and I’m also a computer science student at Cascadia College. I always liked the fact that I can make whatever I want with computer science. I’ve been able to make really cool websites that are about topics and really passionate about. And I

Build a Tribute Page

For this project we are going to build a tribute page Here is what my tribute page looks like You can see it’s a tribute to Dr. Norman Borlaug Who is someone who has inspired me a tremendous amount He is a geneticist and an agricultural researcher who, during the (19)40s, 50s and 60s pioneered

The Internet: Cybersecurity & Crime

Hi, my name is Jenny Martin and I’m the director of cybersecurity investigations at Symantec. Today cybercrime causes huge problems for society personally, financially, and even in matters of national security. Just in the last few years, hundreds of millions of credit card numbers have been stolen, tens of millions of Social Security numbers and

Computer Science Matters

So what grade are you in? Second. Tenth grade. First grade. I was in eighth grade when I learned to program. I got my first computer when I was in sixth grade. What gets me excited is being able to fix people’s problems. You can express yourself. You can build things from an idea. Computer

The Internet: Wires, Cables & Wifi

My name is Tess Winlock. I’m a software engineer at Google. Here’s a question, how does a picture, text message or email gets sent from one place to another? It isn’t magic. It’s the Internet, a tangible physical system that was made to move information. The Internet is a lot like the postal service, but

Computer Science is Changing Everything

I think 19th century was about the Industrial Revolution, about electricity, about disrupting their agricultural society and making it more advanced. The 20th century was about physics and engineering, to do more things easier in our everyday life from refrigerators to washing machines. And the 21st century is definitely the digital age. It’s the Internet.

Become A Computer Science Teacher

There’s so many computer science jobs out there that are not being filled. So the more computer science teachers we have in our school systems the more students we will be able to reach. And getting past that initial fear of what computer sciences is, is what’s gonna change the whole field of computer science.