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Introduction to Google Glass

You have Glass. Congratulations. In the next few minutes, we’ll show you how to set it up. You can turn on Glass by pressing the round power button for about a second. The white light behind the button will turn on and remain lit while Glass starts up. You’ll know Glass is on when the

What happens when you call the suicide hotline?!? Website/YouTube Wednesday #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

Hey everybody. Happy Wednesday. And since it’s Wednesday that means that I’m on the website, ‘W’ for Wednesday, we’re so clever. And I’m on youtube. So if you asked your questions under yesterday’s video, I’ll try to get through some of them later tonight, just answering them one by one. But I have picked two

Managing your Vodafone Broadband router online

Hi, I’m Ben from Vodafone and I’m going to show you how to manage Vodafone Broadband online Go to vodafone.connect or on your device’s internet browser when connected to your router Or, search your phone’s app store for the Vodafone Broadband Router app You’ll see various tabs along the top where you’ll find many

Introducing Vodafone Broadband

Hi, I’m Ben from Vodafone and this is the new plug and play Vodafone Broadband router We’re bringing our network to your home like never before with our broadband service, which comes with this router It comes with the latest WiFi technology so you can get great coverage across you whole home and here’s how!