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Google Analytics In Real Life – Site Search

MALE SPEAKER 1: Hello. Uh, I’m just after semi-skimmed milk. FEMALE SPEAKER: Your search for semi-skimmed milk returned zero results. MALE SPEAKER 1: You don’t sell milk? FEMALE SPEAKER: Your search for milk returned 52,256 results. Your top hit, milk of magnesia. MALE SPEAKER 1: No– FEMALE SPEAKER: “Milk Floats Of Yesteryear.” MALE SPEAKER 1:

Introducing Google Nose

Google Search is incredibly powerful. You can search for text across the Internet most of human knowledge, images, books, videos. But, we realised that there was an important part of the Search experience that we’d overlooked. Our task as designers is to get our users the information that they’re looking for as quickly and as

Leo’s Bad Luck

– I just want to talk about the beard for a minute because it’s quite something. And how long did it take you to grow it, first of all. – It was six months, and then I think I had it for an additional year after that. – Mm-hmm. And how did people treat you?