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How The Meg Should Have Ended

Ooooh… what do we have here?? You’re the next contestant’s on my — OH COME ON!! Uh guys, it’s still following us. Don’t worry, I’ve got it all taken care of. Tracker ready sir! Fire on your command! Oh now I know you’re not just gonna track it! You’re killing it right?! Ahhahaha… yeah. Just


– (man) I love having technology strapped to my face. – (Ian) SHUT UP! (alarm clocks sounding) (yawning) Whoa– what the hell?! (stammers) What the hell is this? – (announcer) These are Google Glasses, the newest piece of technology that will change the way everyone lives. – When did I start wearing these ugly glasses?


Are you an astronaut? Cause you’re out of this world. Shut up! I am Lucy. I will guide you through your expedition. T – 3 minutes until the launch of Space Q Legacy. Powered by Google. [Gibson] Did she just say google? [Carter] Yeah they’re sponsoring this whole expedition, Gibson. We linked your Google accounts

Google Analytics In Real Life – Site Search

MALE SPEAKER 1: Hello. Uh, I’m just after semi-skimmed milk. FEMALE SPEAKER: Your search for semi-skimmed milk returned zero results. MALE SPEAKER 1: You don’t sell milk? FEMALE SPEAKER: Your search for milk returned 52,256 results. Your top hit, milk of magnesia. MALE SPEAKER 1: No– FEMALE SPEAKER: “Milk Floats Of Yesteryear.” MALE SPEAKER 1: