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What is CSS Prefix?

Welcome to another tutorial. This is about CSS prefixes and why it matter. So, CSS prefix is the vendor prefix our way for browser makers to add support for new CSS features before those features are fully supported in all browsers. This means that we need to add these prefixes, so our CSS can work

Cardano Development Monthly Update (February)

(light music) – [Aparna] Hello Cardano community. My name is Aparna Jue, and I am IOHK’s product director. My team, who you’ll get to meet in this forum, and I are accountable for Cardano. So, we’re really excited to jumpstart this product to community relationship via monthly touchpoints. And although today’s version is a recording,

How to Reset Your 4G Broadband Password @CRAG

(Music) For persons who have been using these services for a while you may have forgotten your password. So let’s reset. (Music) Go back to the self-care page. That’s selfcare.digicelbroadband.com. This can also be accessed from the Digicel Jamaica page. Click “Already Registered,” then “Forget Password.” (Music) Enter “User ID,” then select “Submit.” (Music) This