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10 Creepiest Websites

10 Creepiest Websites 10. Rent-a-Hitman Using encrypted we browsers, hundreds of hit-men offer their services to kill people in bespoke methods entirely of your choosing: $50 for every broken bone, $350 for a light shake down, and at least $20,000 for an assassination. Murder options include ‘natural causes’, ‘unfortunate accident’, ‘evening assault’, and ‘classic hit’.

What is a Website Brief? Jargon Busted ep 18

Hello and welcome to Jargon Busted. Today I’ll be talking about website briefs. A website brief needs to communicate the background goals and requirements for your website to a potential supplier so they can understand what you’re trying to achieve and recommend the best way to get there. Start your brief by setting the context

Print Vs Web design – Best resolution

Can you make this image high res and sharper? This is one question, we get asked all the time as designers And the simple and unfortunate answer is no. I truly believe that designers are magicians. well the good one at least. but even designers have certain limitations and one of them is definitely quality

intro to web coding

Hey! What is the Web? The Web is made up of 3 technologies that appeared in the nineties and have constantly been changing since. “HyperText Markup Language” or HTML which enables to structure a document while defining in a semantic way what each part of the content represents, like: titles, paragraphs, navigation bars or multimedia

The New American English Website

Hello. I’m Tara Sonenshine, Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, here at the U.S. Department of State. Welcome to the new American English website. We are proud to launch this cutting edge resource for teachers and learners of English around the world. Anyone can use our materials — they’re free. On the new American