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How to Reset Your 4G Broadband Password @CRAG

(Music) For persons who have been using these services for a while you may have forgotten your password. So let’s reset. (Music) Go back to the self-care page. That’s selfcare.digicelbroadband.com. This can also be accessed from the Digicel Jamaica page. Click “Already Registered,” then “Forget Password.” (Music) Enter “User ID,” then select “Submit.” (Music) This

Best JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners

What is the best JavaScript tutorial for beginners? I need to start learning it. Arguably I’d say Khan Academy. They have introductory lessons on HTML5 and JavaScript, even moving up into JavaScript for web based games. I suppose if they can teach eight year olds common core math methods for multiplying and algebraic reasoning to

Lotería game Google Doodle – This Playable Doodle allows you playing with your Friends Online

The Search Engine Google is showing this interactive animated playable Doodle Game in few countries for Celebrating Lotería, the traditional Mexican card game. It is Google’s second-ever multiplayer Doodle Game. We can Play the game with friends in a private match, or match with users around the globe at random. Google Doodle Team collaborated with

Broadband Technology Report: TV Everywhere

Envivio software-based solutions bring together all the functionalities required to deliver next-generation video service for any screen offering the highest quality HD SD or 4k video experience Muse is designed for live and on-demand video encoding transcoding and distribution to any device Muse compression software significantly improves efficiency and operations compared architectures the call for