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Introduction to HTML 5

>>NEUBERG: My name is Brad Neuberg. Today, I’m going to be talking to you about HTML 5 and giving you an introduction to the interesting aspects of the new standard. I’m at Google’s Developer Programs specifically a group called Open Web Advocacy. Our group is focused on helping through outreach, education, JavaScript tool kits that

Could You Pass the Google Interview?

According to a recent article in Business Insider, Google is the second-best tech company to work at in 2018. The list was compiled after taking into account what employees had written on the job website, Glassdoor. “Extremely intelligent and competent coworkers, exciting products, great management, amazing perks,” said one Google engineer. Google is not only

Kyle Johnson: “Inception and Philosophy” | Talks at Google

>>Male Presenter: Kyle Johnson is here to talk about “Inception and Philosophy.” He’s the editor of the book, among–. He’s also the frequent contributor to other volumes of the Blackwell Philosophy and Popular Culture series, including Heroes in Philosophy. And he’s here to talk today about Inception and why–. What’s the premise of the–?>>Kyle Johnson:

#FiveThings About CSS

>>I feel like we need a sign like junior->>I know.>>Dev for life. Which reminds me of the too legit to quit and we did this as kids. We made->>I don’t remember that.>>You don’t remember doing the hand signs?>>No, I just know the song.>>We were so cool. Junior dev for life. Hi. I’m Burke Holland.>>I’m Aimee


Okay, so starting from the top: one of the key issues that we’re seeing with most of our clients who start, like, they reach out to us, they share their problems, is that in most cases most of the issues they have are self-induced. In ninety-nine percent of cases they somehow do that to themselves