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Overcoming the Digital Divide in Broadband Access: Regulatory Innovation

Good morning, thank you for giving me the opportunity to give this presentation remotely. We will focus mostly on regulatory innovation in order to have a democratization of access to broadband services. There have been many studies regarding the impact of broadband productivity in development in general. Just looking at information published in 2009, the

CSS Tutorial – 13 – Spacing Properties

Here we have some properties dealing with spacing. Line-height sets the distance between lines. By default it will inherit the line-height of its parent and the initial value is called normal. Word-spacing sets the space between words and letter-spacing sets spacing between characters. White-space can change how white space characters inside of a block element

HTML Tutorial – 10 – Structural Markup

Structural markup describes the purpose of text and lets the appearance be decided the browser. We can structure text as a header using one of the six header tags, with being the largest and the smallest. We can also align the header with the values left, right, center, or justified. Other common content-based styles are

HTML Tutorial – 13 – Forms I

Forms allow users to enter and submit data. For example, we can use forms to handle logins, order forms, and user feedback. The form tag requires two attributes – action and method. Action is the location where the form is sent to. This can be either an email link or a form handling script. A