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The New Era of CS at UChicago: Expanding Data and Computer Science

MICHAEL FRANKLIN: The new John Crerar Library building is at the heart of our efforts to expand computer and data science at the University of Chicago. Today, computer science is deeply interconnected with many research disciplines. We’re adding faculty and courses in critical topics such as data science, artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, and security.

A Closer Look: CU Boulder Department of Computer Science

– [Narrator] Welcome to beautiful Boulder. Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the University of Colorado Boulder has an awe-inspiring view from campus. In the Department of Computer Science innovative academic programs, hands-on opportunities, and rigorous coursework will prepare you for the challenges of a complex world. – Ranked 34th among engineering colleges

Not Everyone Should Code

79,840 dollars: The average salary of a computer programmer in America. Average meaning many can afford a big fancy house or rent a closet in San Francisco. Even the lowest paid ten percent make more than the average American. Programming is so well paid because it’s so in demand and so in demand because it’s

Computer Science Research Showcase 2017

I’m Madhi, I am working in a visualization lab and my project is I’m trying to create a high-resolution displays using a multiple overlapping projectors and projecting on any arbitrary shape we can project on very large displays or small objects now if I like to move this projector you can see the image is