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Did Google Just Achieve ‘Quantum Supremacy’?

Quantum computers are on the horizon, and they’ve been stuck there for quite some time. All the theoretical advantages they promise over classical computers, like speeding up drug development, helping to manufacture room temperature superconductors, and cracking encryption remain just that: theoretical. However, a leaked paper from Google claims that for the first time a

Research in Computer Science at the University of York

The University of York has an international reputation for its academic excellence in computer science. We cover a broad range of areas, we have nine research groups that includes for instance: artificial intelligence; advanced computer architecture; computer vision; real time systems; high integrity systems engineering. In all groups we have world-class researchers working at the

Crash Course Computer Science Fundamentals

The science is typically cumulative, i.e. build up more powerful tools to perform more accurate measurements, need better and are extended concepts of theory and so on. While paradigms can change, research usually evolves based on past performance, which constitutes the foundation for further development. The scientist will be safer in their research and more

Crash Course Computer Science Preview

Hello world! I’m Carrie Anne Philbin and welcome to Crash Course Computer Science! So, computers really have allowed us to do some pretty amazing things – think global telecommunications, international commerce, global transportation, breakthroughs in medicine, distributed education, online shopping, online dating, just the Internet in general. Computers are allowing us to explore our own

Undergraduate Computer Science at York

So I’m the Admissions Tutor here at the Department of Computer Science in York and our programs here offer a solid foundation in the fundamental principles and practice of Computer Science So the way our programs are structured: the first two years cover the core material that we think all Computer Scientists need to know.

Computer Science – Undergraduate

Computer Science is a flagship, BCS accredited computing course When you join Computer Science you will have access to our highly acclaimed staff modern facilities and gain the necessary skills that pave the way for a successful future At Coventry University we have always strived to be innovative different and provide the best possible experience