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Where HTML beats C? – Computerphile

You take great care when you’re buying an app. to make sure it’s good and it’s not going to ruin your machine and does exactly what you want. HTML is the ultimate example of what troubles you get into if you are promiscuous, right [laughs]? And you are promiscuous why? Because part of what HTML

Introducing Gmail Motion

Hi, my name is Paul McDonald. I’m the product manager of Gmail. Over the past decade, advances like touch screen technology have transformed the way we interact with personal electronics. However, when it comes to email, we still rely on outdated technologies like the keyboard and mouse. At Google we’ve been thinking about how to

#FiveThings About CSS

>>I feel like we need a sign like junior->>I know.>>Dev for life. Which reminds me of the too legit to quit and we did this as kids. We made->>I don’t remember that.>>You don’t remember doing the hand signs?>>No, I just know the song.>>We were so cool. Junior dev for life. Hi. I’m Burke Holland.>>I’m Aimee