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Maori happy to work with Chinese broadband company

The Government denies accusations that NZ will be vulnerable if they continue to work openly with the world’s IT business giants. Jasmyn Pearson interviewed a Maori internet company today. Maori IT companies are in their teething stages. That’s why they’ve explored different options overseas. This is the Chinese company that has been black-listed from doing

Why Care About Internet Privacy?

I heard a saying that, “If you’re not paying for the product, then you ARE the product.” Absolutely, it’s absolutely true. That’s Alan Henry from LifeHacker.com. So, first off, Alan, why should we care about internet privacy? Every time you click from one website to another, you click on a link to go to the

Not Everyone Should Code

79,840 dollars: The average salary of a computer programmer in America. Average meaning many can afford a big fancy house or rent a closet in San Francisco. Even the lowest paid ten percent make more than the average American. Programming is so well paid because it’s so in demand and so in demand because it’s

Web Design Companies Near Me

Web Design Companies Near Me don’t have a website yet attention small business owner are you losing sleep at night because you can’t keep customers coming through your doors are you spending a ton of money on advertising methods that no longer work right they used to even though they cost a lot the results

Leading web design company in Singapore

Hey, are you looking for web designing company to create or revamp your website? Novage Communications is a full-service web design agency offering affordable website design and development, ecommerce websites, SEO services, logo design and online marketing solutions. We specialise in working with businesses throughout Singapore. Established in 2010, we are a website design and