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How I learned to code websites

– This year I learned a new skill. I learned how to professionally code the designs I create and turn them into functioning webpages. It’s been a pretty fun journey and in this video, I wanna tell you about it and also about the tools and resources that I learned to develop this new skill.

1.3: Shapes & Drawing – p5.js Tutorial

[BELL RINGING] Hello! OK, it’s time, it is time to start talking about, and writing some code. What’s going on here? You can see already that there’s this function setup, function draw. What is that stuff? There’s curly brackets, there’s parentheses, let’s hold off on that for a second. Let’s not get too worked up

BPSTechnology Webinar – Episode 3: Computer Science Education Week

(upbeat music) Hello, and welcome to BPSTechnology’s monthly webinars, episode three. Computer Science Education Week. November 28, 2018, 7:00 to 7:30. My name is Nikolas Gonzales and I am accompanied by Rhianon Gutierrez, Edward Considine, and Mark Pijanowski. Thank you for attending. Today’s theme is “Hour of Code,” yes, it’s coming. And, if you’d like