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Web Development: Intro to CSS

I’m Dani and I’m a curriculum writer at Code.org. In college I took my interest in sports and combined it with my interest in computer science and I worked on a robotics team and we actually competed internationally so around the world. So I got to travel to Istanbul and Mexico and I love how

Computer Science at the G20

In 2018, Code.org invited 14 students from rural Argentina to the G20 summit. The students taught international Ministers of Education to write their first lines of code. For many of the students, it was their first year to study computer science. Computer science allows us to develop skills, it also allows us to utilize a

Help Computer Science Go Global

The majority of the planet is not prepared for the future. Experts predict that automation will impact or replace half of all jobs globally. The jobs of the future will require skills that our workforce lacks and schools don’t teach. What if every student in the world could learn computer science in school? What if

Steve Jobs on Computer Science

I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer. Should learn a computer language, because it teaches you how to think. And so I view computer science as a liberal art. It should be something that everybody learns, you know takes takes a year in their life, one the courses they

Web Development: Intro to HTML

In this video, you’re going to learn about using HTML to add structure to your web pages. HTML stands for hypertext markup language and it’s found on all websites across the internet. There are a bunch of different HTML structures you can use on your web page including: headers, lists, paragraphs, links and images. Let’s

The Internet: HTTP & HTML

[music] I’m Jasmine Lawrence and I’m a program manger on the XBox One engineering team. [music] One of our biggest features is called XBox Live. It’s an online service that connects gamers from all around the world, and we rely on the internet to make that happen. This is no easy task and there are

What’s Up with Computer Science Principles?

Parents, administrators, politicians… everyone is talking about how important Computer Science is. In the new economy, computer science isn’t an optional skill, it’s a basic skill. You know, computer science is all around us so why not expose our students to it? CS Principles is an AP course that is an introduction to computer science.