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Google Play Services 4.4

MAGNUS HYTTSTEN: Hi, and welcome to this video, where we will show you all the new exciting stuff we have added to Google Play services 4.4. And as you know by now, Google Play services rocks. This also means that when you use Google Play services– ah, morning coffee. Let’s get started right away, shall

Introduction to the Google Maps API

Hi. Welcome to the introduction to the Google Maps API tutorial. My name is Mano Marks. I’m a Developer Advocate on the Google Maps team. In this tutorial, I will teach you the basics of using the Google Maps API in your web applications. To fully take advantage of the content in this presentation, you

HTML5 APIs | Responsive Background Images | Sequel Pro App | The Treehouse Show Episode 18

[The Treehouse Show] [Jim]: I’m Jim Hoskins. [Jason]: and I’m Jason Seifer. [Jason Seifer @JSEIFER] [Jim Hoskins @JIMRHOSKINS] Welcome to the Treehouse show, your weekly dose of internets, where we talk about all things web development, web design, and more. In this episode we’ll be talking about HTML5 APIs, responsive background images, and our app