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#FiveThings About JavaScript in DevOps

>>Synchronizations, go. Here we go. [MUSIC]>>Welcome back to Five Things. This is Five Things about JavaScript and DevOps. Today, I’ve got the amazing, the amazing, the amazing Donovan Brown. How are you doing, man?>>I’m very good. Thank you for having me.>>Nice to meet you.>>Yeah. First time on the show, so I’m excited.>>I know. How can

Limit Login Attempts WordPress Plugin

WP limit long attempts can protect your WordPress websites from a brute-force attack will provide more security for your WordPress sites let’s check out works some good with chip to log in to our website first of all I need to enter the CAPTCHA text which in this case is see all 5 see day

Accessible Hyperlinks

Hey everybody, let’s talk a little about accessibility and one of the things we can start doing right now when it comes to creating linked text in a Moodle page, and email, or a document. There are two things to keep in mind when you create linked text. First is that the text should be