Stubben Easy Control Full Cheek

(upbeat music) – The Stubben Easy Control Full Cheek is one of our most popular
bits for show jumping. The Easy Control Full Cheek will give you plenty of directional control
when you’re asking your horse turn to make those tight corners and get those really tricky lines. The locking effect of
the mouth piece will also stop your horse wanting
to lean into the bit and sort of bore down on your
hands and run away with you, so it keeps their head up before a fence without needing to go to
any style of leverage bit. So this one is really good for younger riders or less
experienced riders who need a little bit more control
but they’re not quite ready to go to a leverage style bit. This one will just help
to lift their horse up off of the forehand and make
those really tight turns without being sharp or severe or any risk of injuring their horse at all. So it’s still a really
lovely, soft, kind bit when the horse is doing the right thing. It’s extremely moveable,
it’s extremely soft and kind, but as soon as the horse
leans into the hand or bores down on the
rider, it just locks into a mullen mouth and becomes uncomfortable, so it automatically
teaches your horse that the right thing is comfortable and the wrong thing becomes uncomfortable. (upbeat music)

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