Starting your web design using Illustrator templates – Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 [16/45]

Hi, my name is Dan. In this video… we’re going to be using Illustrator
to build UI and web graphics. There’s lots of free stuff here
on my channel, please subscribe. Hit the little bell next to this
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in the description. Okay, in this tutorial we’re going to
look at how to start from templates. You might be really new
to design in general. You might be a student,
you might be young. You might be older and
have never done it before. Whatever reason, you might
be a little more daunted… by the whole design process. “What is it going to look like?” It’s good to start with a template. And there are lots
of templates around. Some of the easiest ones are built
into the new version of Illustrator. We’re at 2017 at the moment. And so if we go to ‘New’,
or ‘File’, ‘New’… there’s this little
new document window. If you go to ‘Web’, you’ll
see that underneath here… there’s a bunch of templates. Can you see, if I scroll down? There are all sorts of things. That is a landing page. That is some presentation graphics. Some social media icons, there’s
all sorts of different ones… but in terms of a web page design… you can see this in wireframes. But, page designs, you
might start off… with one of these, and
just start switching. They’re here to be used,
they’re used commercially… you might decide… “I’m going to start
with this one here… because it kind of matches
what I want to do.” You double click it… and you start going from playing
with the colors, the fonts. It downloads it eventually, and
you change it with your images. Say you’re not selling an app, you’re
selling, I don’t know, cookies. You could switch it
with your image here. That’s a good way to kind of get
started, just kind of has the bits you- you might not be able to
afford, you might just use… this home page and bin
all the rest of these. That’s a great way, there’s a
few other templates in there. Another cool place
you can go to is… under this one here, under
your Creative Cloud license… your Creative Cloud app,
there’s ‘Assets’… and there’s one in
here called ‘Market’. If you click on ‘Market’, and
in here, the search option… you might say, “web ui”. And in here is a bunch
of pre-made stuff… that are allowed to
be used commercially. so you can kind of style with these. It’s a great way to kind
of look pro really fast. There’s a lot of app stuff here,
and a lot of web stuff as well. Some of them are really big,
some are just small components. This line seems to go on forever. And to use them, say you do
like this, Web UI thing here. I like the look and feel
of this for your site. You can click on this,
and say, ‘Download To’. Often people would just
download it to their library. It’s called ‘My Library’. What I’m going to do is
I’m going to click on this… and download to one
that I’ve made called – You can see here, ‘Create Library’. I’ve created this one
called ‘Dan’s Portfolio’. And what will happen is, hopefully – you can kind of see it
happening over here… under ‘Window’, ‘Libraries’,
here he is there. It’s downloading this guy
that I could start using. Takes a little while to
download off the net. Then drag it on. You can see here, that is our
UI that you could start… using and changing, and
adding to your design. Change your fonts, use your colors. It’s a good way to get
started from a template. That’s it for starting
from templates. We’re going to make our own one,
that’s going to be awesome. How good was that? If you want more, go check out or check out the link
in the description.

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