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let’s talk about and let’s look at the stand-up comedian template. In this
template I mean you may not be a stand-up comedian you might be pretty
funny but you never thought you could be a stand-up comedian that’s fine and you
might ask yourself what is this template have to do with me well along this
journey we’re gonna learn web design and if you understand the stand-up comedian
template you’ll then understand how to customize it for yourself
maybe you want to just represent represent yourself and have kind of a
virtual portfolio or way for people to know when your consulting services are
maybe you’re a coach or a consultant so got to use your imagination a little bit
and get step outside the box and think about ways you can use this template to
match your business or service and if you’re a web designer this is good for
you to know in case you get somebody who is a stand-up comedian or an entertainer
and they want you to build out a site for them so remember that’s what these
templates are for the templates are just ideas for you to build upon so what
we’re gonna do right now is go on a tour of the website itself so here is the
cover page and I want you to notice the layout we have a menu bar at the top if
I hover over you could see that it glows blue on the side on the Left we have
actually we have menu links on the left and on the right so on
the far left we have shows and on the far right we have contact so that’s an
interesting element I haven’t seen in a lot of websites we have our social media
icons here at the top by the way this template is free just go to and
sign up there and you could play with this template and build your own free
website if you want to learn more about Web Design from concept to automation go
to the webmaster academy at arrow and you get the details of the
venue ok so this is a module we’ll have to fix actually on the back end when you
scroll down you have all about you all about the comedian scroll further down
and there is a video and this video is actually being hosted on Wix servers you
can also put your YouTube or Vimeo video in place here instead or you can have it
hosted with Wix comm also I click on this arrow and there are other videos to
watch so there’s a navigation menu built right on top of the videos but what’s
nice is instead of a lot of thumbnails it’s just one big thumbnail or one big
image and that is much cleaner in terms of design and then when I scroll down
you have an Instagram feed so not only you are you asking people to follow you
there’s an Instagram feed right here so when you update your Instagram from your
mobile device this area will be updated automatically and then you have the
press this is a good section for people who are talking about your business or
service in this case it’s comedy so these are some of the these this would
link to some of the articles that are talking about your performances and then
there is the contact page where we do have personal appearances the publicity
info and the management company people can also subscribe and you can get their
email address and collect a list of leads who you can then market to later
using Wix shout outs there is also a footer down here at the bottom says who
created the site social media icons down below as you can see the social media
icons are redundant and that’s okay you want them everywhere also as we scroll
down this website I want you to notice that the left and right menu buttons the
contact and the shows have been with us the entire time and so as I scroll up
and down those tabs don’t leave so that’s a really nice feature in case
people want to just contact you and they don’t have to really find it or they
don’t have to even scroll to the top now this is a long one page design which is
very common especially because it’s most compatible with mobile devices and iPads
and other tablet type of computers where people are using their fingers to just
slide up it’s a feed just like Facebook or Twitter people are used to that type
of navigation and when you’re talking about mobile devices it’s just easier to
slide up and down on the screen instead of finding the place
to tap your finger and if you look up here at the top you have this menu where
it says shows about videos gallery contact but when I click on these they
don’t actually go to a different page what they’re going to do they’ll
actually just go to a place further down on this page in fact I don’t think that
those are hooked up right now let me see okay so I sometimes I need to refresh
the page so we’re just going to refresh it here if the interactions kind of
blank out just kind of refresh ah here we go
so now when I click on shows what it does is it Scrolls down to that part of
the page okay let’s go back up to the very top if I click on contact so the page scrolled down automatically
to that place so instead of building a multi-page website this is a one-page
website but we’ve built in traditional navigation at the top so if you want to
start playing and customizing this site let’s go ahead and click on edit the
site and it’s going to ask you to login so we’re gonna go ahead and login it’s now going to open up the Wix editor now I’m curious to see who’s got
questions and denver’s here hello Denver welcome this is a live broadcast if
anybody has questions go ahead and type those into the comments section I hope
you’re enjoying this overview even if you’re not going to be a comedian that’s
okay you can learn web design along the way so now we’re in the editor and one
of the first things you’re going to want to change is of course the title simply
double-click and change the name so we’ll just say Michael wood here as you
can see it keeps the same font and everything in place so you can change
the name your next you’re gonna want to change the image you could either have
yourself or another image maybe you think there’s something that’s funnier
so we’ll just put this guy this gentleman in here for now hey that’s not Michael wood but a it’s
an image now that’s kind of our low resolution image so you’re gonna want to
upload a nice high resolution image if I go to free from Wix I can actually find
a lot of stock images here and it’s okay to fill your website with stock images
especially if you’re working for a client and then what happens is as the
project gets more approved then you can switch out these images with more
authentic images so we have stand-up comedian instead of comedian we could
even change it to a stand-up chef you know maybe maybe this guy does live
cooking shows this is what I mean when you get a template it’s only an idea
from which you build upon so if we’re gonna go with the stand-up chef we can
change this background maybe you don’t like that that’s sort of orange we can
switch it out with an actual image or just a scenic background and I’m just
giving you some ideas here we can even switch it out with video so there are
some free videos from Wix com and if I change this to food and drink
maybe there’s a video of someone making something and let’s see what this looks like now
as you can see the image here is covering up the video so you may not
want to do a full video but let me just do a preview just want you to see what
it looks like so someone’s making something we’re not sure what it is so
this is where you really have to experiment and change backgrounds and
find something that’s going to work for you in this case we want because it’s a
comedian site or a sort of entertainer site then we want to call attention to
the person let’s go ahead and do a quick preview here and so I have a video in
the background but it’s very subtle and it doesn’t take away from the main image
but it does show some basic animation and makes the page a little bit more
appealing and what’s nice about this is this website is built using what’s
called strips horizontal strips because if I scroll down I want you to notice
when I go to shows the video is no longer being displayed because this is
built on strips so this is a strip right here where we put the video the orange
is one big giant strip and the blue one is a strip what’s nice about building
with strips as we can switch them out rather easily because you just click on
the strip and we can move the entire strip here and just simply swap things
out and we can also resize them but the strip is sort of like a container it’s
like a shoebox and we fill the shoebox with our text images and videos and then
we can move the shoeboxes around and that tends to be much easier in terms of
design because you can make changes very quickly without changing the entire
webpage or having everything get thrown off in terms of layout just because you
wanted to add an element so we’re basically stacking
shoeboxes and that’s part of the design now on this part right here this is the
booking and so to do this we would have to go to manage event and you’re going
to use Wix events if I click on settings see this is see it says create your
first event this is where I would create my first event so here I’ll just go ahead and create an
event and now it’s going to load properly so now I can give it a name and
I’ll say cooking demos I could go ahead and add an event a photo I can go to
free from Wix and just find some food somewhere looks like so I want a picture of not
just food but someone actually preparing food I like the salad in a jar that’s
kind of cool so and then we could say learn how to make
salad and in a learn how to make salads that store well in jars something simple
like that instead of cooking demo we could say
salad in a jar demos come join us
okay we can then set the times we could say time is to be determined or we can
go ahead and set up the times as you can see just got to click on that slider and
this case we’re going to do this at 7:00 p.m. we’ll end at 11:00 p.m. it’s going
to be a very long salad session we can decide where it’s going to be we’ll have
the demonstration at the Mission Inn and River site and as you could see the
locations pop up automatically and they load into Google Maps I can now add
details of my event such as you know things people should bring maybe they
should dress warm some other speakers that’ll be there this will be all about
your event right here and now I’m going to before I create it there’s some tabs
I want to do and it’s asking us to save so I’m going
to create the event okay here it is salad in a jar demos now let’s keep
editing the event let’s go to tickets let’s get started we’re gonna do you
could do for sale or for free and we can go ahead and make it free VIP free
tickets now I can only fit about maybe 30 people in that room so we can limit
the quantity and then we could describe the ticket if we want to and then they
have a ticket policy that’s already in there feel free to make changes but I
usually just stick with the policy that’s already there and we’re going to
save so here we have free VIP tickets there’s
30 tickets raishin form we can ask for more
information if we want it always asks for their first name their email we
could add more options we can add a custom question we can ask them if
they’ve had any cooking experience so then we know the people coming in there
or how experienced they are then you’ll know how to address the crowd so it’s a
good way to screen who’s coming this is the forum preview that’s what it will
look like and then you have of course your guest list and I could actually
invite people to the event so if you have an email list you can actually send
the invitation out so that’s really handy and under emails this will list
sort of the automatic emails that come out I can edit the confirmation set up a
reminder and I can notify guests if I cancel the event so everything you need
to manage your events are built in to the Wix dashboard alright and then I can
continue adding events let’s go ahead and go with that and as you’re gonna see
this this box is going to change to the salad in a jar demo now when I go to
settings I can now adjust what events or which events I want listed here so I
don’t want multiple events I don’t want all the comedy clubs
I just want my salad demo so see it reset itself and it’s going to really configure that
was a beautiful thing I did everything on the back end just click the button
and the web design is automatically done for us the code is done for us and it’s
gonna look great on mobile devices and on tablets okay so how are you guys
liking this and this is this pretty cool or what let me know in the box what you
think so far alright now the other thing is you can
of course change the about page which is just changing images and changing text
the video page for that you’re going to use Wix video so I would have to go to
settings and in settings I could decide which
channels or videos I want here so in waiks video you would develop a
channel you develop videos that are all in the same subject and I could just
display the channel that way I don’t have to manually add videos I just say
anything from this channel I want displayed here so I could choose the
channel if I change to webmaster Academy it’s going to show all the videos that
belong to that channel or any video projects it’s going to add the videos to
that channel I do a much more in-depth tutorial on video working with vixx Wix
video at the webmaster academy so be sure to check those out if you want to
learn more about how to work with video ok so that’s pretty straightforward and
this is the Instagram feed so on here you would go to settings and then what you would do is go ahead
and change the the connected feet so right now it’s under stand up dot
comedian which is an actual Instagram account I would need to disconnect and
then sign in with your Instagram feed and you’ll see it populate automatically
what’s nice about that is you can have somebody manage your Instagram feed or
you can manage your Instagram feed and not have to touch the website so that’s
really useful if you want to keep a website that’s updated and also gain a
list of followers the press is these are just simply
images that you can click on this link button click on link and you’ll change
the link to go to the articles that are talking about your performances or
reviews and things like that this is simply text just change the text and
then this is a signup form right here so what I would do is just go to settings when I go to manage the form I could
decide which email that subscriber is going to go to so they’ll put in their
email address and then I this email that I put in in this blues box will be
notified that there is a new subscriber okay so it’s always good to know and you
get new subscribers you can also adjust what information you want collected we
if you want their name you could add it there if you want their phone number you
could add it there so you can adjust these signup forms how you like you can
also change the design I can make it more of a postcard looking design or a
strip or a headline so there’s lots of different options here on how you want
it to look I could change the layout I can make a vertical or horizontal so a
lot of little changes there and you do all that from the setting okay and then
we could start building your email list right there of course all of these
colors can easily change and then down at the bottom as your footer and
remember always fill in those social media icons all I do is set social links
the media the social media manager pops up I can add icons so as you could see
on the left there’s all these different places they have just about everybody
who-who means anything these days listed so you would add the icon and a
gallery and then you would go ahead click on that and then add the link to
that social media page you would just paste it right in there and then say
done in this case I’m going to delete that say done if there’s a social media
icon for an account where of which you do not have for example if you do not
have an Instagram account then don’t have the Instagram logo on the social
media bar just go in here click on the Instagram and click the
trash icon and that will remove it from the list you only want to have active
active I said that twice active social media accounts not just ones you have
but the ones you’re updating I talked a lot more about social media accounts and
the module three of the webmaster Academy alright so that’s a pretty quick
walk through I showed you how to customize some of the major elements
what you need to do learning how to use Wix events Wix bookings and changing the
background let me do a preview I’ll show you it’s a video as you see it’s a video
there we even have these little animations on these shapes right here
which is just vector art and they clicked on the animation icon if you
want to learn more about animations or anything else that we talked about here
just go to the webmaster academy and I’ll show you how to do each of those
individual elements alright just checking to see if there’s any comments
I hope you enjoyed our time together and I hope I gave you some ideas on what
you can do for your business or service and with the stand-up comedian template
from Wix com thank you for joining me and we’ll see you next time on template
Tuesdays or we’ll see you at the academy be sure to like and subscribe if you
want to see more videos like this and we’ll see you again you guys thanks for
your time bye bye here is go to the web password happening
I’ll show you how to do each of those individual elements
alright this checking the scene is in the comments I hope you enjoyed our time
together and I hope I gave you some ideas on what you can

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