(water splashing) – People buy and sell the
weirdest shit on the internet. So, we’re here today to look
at some of those things. Belly button lint. I have a collection
of belly button lint. Say what? Will trade for muscle
car, Harley, rifles, gold coins work also, or make cash offer. Also interested in motorcycles. Willing to split it of you
don’t have what I’m looking for. Oh my God dude. I collect refrigerator magnets. I know people that collect
stamps or coins or cards. This man collects
belly button lint. What? You can just imagine this
dude laying on his couch, lifting up his shirt. Yeah, get right in there. Yep, that’s a cape. What do you do with
belly button lint? A woman makes a replica
of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper with
her belly button lint. Wow. It has taken Bell
close to 27 years to amass the quality
of lint necessary to produce this work of art. I don’t know whether to
be disgusted or amazed. Next, human soul,
black Friday special. I am interested
in selling my soul or trading it to
someone that can help me acquire holiday gifts
for myself and family. People sell their
souls to be famous or be a millionaire, while this guy’s over
here selling his soul for a couple of fidget
spinners for the kids and a brand new Michael
Kors bag for his wife. This is not a joke. I really am selling it. You could use it to trade
the devil for fame or riches. Keep in mind that you
don’t have to give him your own soul. But what’s the black
Friday special? Next. Dresser for sale,
possessed by ex girlfriend. This dresser has nine drawers for hiding even everything from the largest load of (cow mooing) to the smallest of emotion. It’s made mostly of solid wood and is very sturdy
and very heavy. Again, like my ex girlfriend, but with less pulp. That poor guy definitely
got his heart broken. It has a huge tri-fold mirror that was perfect for
each of her faces. Very few bumps and bruises, this dresser is a real keeper. It just needs a little TLC, not years of therapy
or daddy’s approval. Sounds like a
great relationship. Doesn’t (dog barking) never
wonder where you have been and it can be friends with
other pieces of furniture without being jealous
or complaining. It does not believe the
foot stool is a whore. Drawers slide open
freely and easily, like my ex but without
the aid of alcohol, cash or credit cards. This man is a savage. I am looking to sell
it for the same amount of weight that she gained
in our relationship, $150. That price is not negotiable. Unlike my ex in any
bar on Saturday night. Valued at a lot more than my ex, at the price I am
giving it away. Pickup only as I am just one man and like my ex, one
guy doesn’t cut it, so bring your friends. (yelling and cheering) They need to get these two
on a Jerry Springer show. People will pay to
watch stuff like this. Butt Pumpkin. One free butt pumpkin. Do you want an old pumpkin
that looks like a butt? Pick in up in the alley behind the Inn-Joy/Small
Bar/Thai Village. This looks like a
bait for pedophiles. As soon as he goes and
picks up the pumpkin, woop, cops just surround him. (police sirens) – Do you wanna explain yourself? Grab that towel
right there please. Wrap it around yourself and please sit in that stool. What are you doing? – Making a mistake. – Making a mistake. – First come, first
who gets butt pumpkin. You can hold it up to
your butt in pictures as it looks like you have
a pumpkin for a butt. That pumpkin has a nicer
ass that half these girls on Instagram and it’s real. Have you seen anything weird
on the internet lately? If you have, let me know. Shoot me a DM on IG @UHOHNICK. And who knows, maybe your post
will make it to an episode. Well guys that’s it for me. Make sure that you hit the
thumbs up on this video if you enjoyed it and subscribe to this
channel and my channel, uhohmonkeytv. Once again, my
name is Uh Oh Nick and this was Squad Goals TV. Peace. (water splashing)


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