Should I Learn Java or JavaScript?

Should I learn Java or JavaScript? While they have similar names, they are totally
different. It isn’t like HTML, where learning HTML gives you the basic understanding of
HTML5. I heard Java and Javascript have similar syntax
and structure. They both have syntax based on C, but they
are totally different. How so, aside from the length of the names? Javascript is designed to run in a browser.
Java is an object oriented programming language that runs within the Java Virtual Machine. Which language should I learn? It depends on what you want to do. If you
want to create webpages or apps that run through websites like some games, learn JavaScript. And when is Java a good idea? You’d use Java to create games and programs
that don’t rely on a browser to run. I heard the choice of language should depend
on your personal style. JavaScript is more fluid, while Java is more
rigid but better defined. But unless you use server-side Javascript, there’s no cross-over
between what the two languages can do. I wonder which one is more valuable in the
marketplace. Knowing JavaScript means you’ll be able to
get some project immediately. Conversely, if you’re going to be an app designer, learn
Java. I thought jQuery has more job opportunities.
Though I do know app designers make more money than web designers in general. JavaScript and jQuery are two sides of the
same coin. Pity, since JavaScript at least has Java in
its name. If you want Java and JavaScript at the same
time, take classes on jQuery with a cup of coffee on the side. At least if I learn either language, I’ll
make more than the person serving me the coffee.


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