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Setting up AT&T Internet
yourself is as easy as 1-2-3. Our simple Do-It-Yourself
kit will have you up and running in
about 30 minutes. Plus, doing it yourself can
save you time and money. It’s convenient since you
won’t have to take off work or wait at home for an
installation appointment. You can get connected
on your own time and you won’t have to pay for a
technician to come to your home. Anyone can do it, there’s no
need to drill holes in your home or lay cables to get your
Wi-Fi Gateway connected – you don’t need any tools
or technical skills. Our easy to use kit has
everything you need and will arrive as soon as three
business days after your order. Unpack your kit and connect
your new Wi-Fi Gateway with the included
color-coded cables. Once it powers up, just
connect your devices to your Wi-Fi network. Don’t worry, our simple
instructions will show you how to set everything up. Then download the free AT&T
Smart Home Manager app for an easy way to personalize
and manage your Wi-Fi network. And you are done, it’s easy, but if you get stuck
we have got answers. Check out the Troubleshooting
section of the guide that comes with your kit or
go to Thank you for choosing AT&T. ♪music♪


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