Sen. Manar discusses importance for broadband expansion in Illinois

Oftentimes, I think too many people see the divide between urban and rural Illinois as something that doesn’t unite the state, but in this case I can point to constituents that I represent in
urban parts of Springfield and Decatur that don’t have access to high-speed
internet, and I can certainly point to any number of communities in the 48th
District and throughout downstate that are rural that don’t have access to
high-speed internet. Governor Pritzker’s commitment to this is second to none.
When we put the Rebuild Illinois bill together, which was bipartisan in nature,
this was a must for him. It was a must for many of us, myself included this is
perhaps the largest investment that we’ve ever had in the state of Illinois
in making sure that everyone has access to broadband internet, and it’s going to
do wonders for not just delivery of education opportunities of schools, like
right here at Ridgely, but it will expand mental health services in rural areas,
and it certainly will help with small businesses in places that just don’t
have access to fiber or broadband today.

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