Scott Evan Eder, MD, FACS | OBGYN Web Design | Advice Media Testimonials

Hello I’m Dr. Scott Eder I’d like to welcome you to the Center for Women’s Health and Wellness. I’m a gynecologist and in this practice we specialize in all aspects of women’s health. I’ve been very happy with Advice Media, they spent quite a bit of time helping me to reinvent my website with interactive blogging’s, with wonderful colors. I’ve been so so pleased. I’ve also been very happy about the way Advice Media has been monitoring my online reputation. I get notified if there any new reviews either positive and the one or two rare negatives. That I’ve been able to act upon which has been extremely helpful. In addition, they’ve been improving my social media presence through Facebook and increasing my ratings. I have moved up in Google, and if it weren’t for Advice Media and their expertise I’d probably be on the 10th page. My website for Advice Media is so much more professional than my previous website. And not only is it more professional it’s kept up to date. Any changes I need to make on my website are done within hours. Whereas my previous website I had no control. We did the website and that was it. Now it’s constantly updated and there are new blogs going out automatically every month. Here at the Center for Women’s Health and Wellness we love Advice Media. Without them we’d be back in the dark ages.

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