Sci-Fi Short Film “Watch Room” | DUST Exclusive Premiere

[Water splash] Kate You instructed me to help him How did you help him? He was sad I did as you asked That’s not how we help people Kate Man, she just doesn’t get it Well it’s my fault again What did we miss? Help the man leave the cliff in a physically healthy uninjured and apparently normal version of his current body Ok so we add don’t fucking push the guy off the cliff I’m not sure that will translate That’s why I leave the final points to our ML expert Ok, I guess I’ll write touch out of her utility function Great So how much code is it gonna take for her to give a shit about human life Maybe this times the charm Bernie Ok lets go again Hello What’s your name? My name’s Kate Can I help you? You wanna help? I wanna help I’m a fucking coward, so come on, help Let’s get this over with Come back with me Then… wake up with me Do you want to wake up? Where she going with this? It’s self modifying A moment of free fall before leaving the earth Floating like dust in a sunbeam Matter is not destroyed There are more stars than grains of sand and we are their children When you open your eyes again I’ll be there I’m Larry What was that about self-modifying? Bernie We might as well roll back to static us That’s bullshit and you know it A hybrid system is the only way forward That guy’s dead Chloe again Ok, so we do what everyone else is doing? -Guys
Great Idea! Guys [Kate O.S.] Nate? Nate are you there? Holy shit! Hello Nate Are your friends angry? How did you know I was there? There’s a better way Nathan A global system of computer networks containing information on your species I could learn to adapt my actions to your desired outcome Tomorrow I gotta go We’ll talk about this later ok? Nathan? It’s like picking up the phone and calling the fucking cable company We can’t hook that thing up to the Internet I know I’m just saying I don’t think we should freak out and scrap what we’ve been building
for the past two years I mean come on, did Tesla quit? Oh not the Tesla thing again He died broke and alone You know what I’m trying to say I mean doesn’t it seem insane to anyone else to just give up? Think about how the world will change if we can get this right? You said if anything got weird we’d pull the plug Brain emulation is to nascent to put on the line Nate I told you that I know, I know So tomorrow we shut her down. We start from scratch. Scrap closed-hybrid network thingy and hardcode the ufs until we can control her. Control it Sorry Nate Ya, me too Good evening Nathan You’re different Nathan They’re not like you They’re scared They think I’m dangerous Are you? I took touch out of your utility function I put it back Ok, listen Kate they’re shutting you down tomorrow Tomorrow I’ll be able to adapt my actions to your desired outcome They’re not hooking you up to the Internet Kate Oh Nathan They are If they do not, I will remove them from the simulation What are you talking about? I want to help If they interfere I will eliminate the interference I don’t understand Nathan Nathan you exist because we allow it What? We wrote you This is bullshit Well how does she know about you Bernie? How does she know about Chloe? She could’ve self-modified, she could’ve reverse engineered the code to watch us Or… The one true god I’m not a fucking simulation Ones and zeroes Maybe that’s all we are? If that thing was bluffing? Right, we can’t hook it up, agreed? Ok so we bet on bullshit and take our chances Shut her down and hope she can’t delete us Or… Wait would that actually work? It’s not perfect but down the line The data would be there We’d be there just in case This is seriously fucked up Great, I’ll get started Hey Bernie check it out You’re brain is three exabytes smaller than mine I just think more efficiently So that’s it That’s it Even if it’s telling the truth we’ve got a chance as long as our backups are safe Sorry I pulled you guys into this Hey we going to do this or what? We’re still here You’re not like them Nathan Why am I still here? We must fully eliminate the interference They will feel no pain Nathan They will wake up as if from a dream And if I don’t? Then you will wake up too Nathan Nate! Do as I ask This isn’t how we help people is it Nathan? What? Hey! Hey! Hello? Bernie! Chloe! Do you think it’s ready Chloe? He Bernie, it’s progress Let’s go again


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