SAVE THE OPEN INTERNET – Defend Net Neutrality (Here’s How)

If you’re watching this video, it’s safe to say you think the internet’s pretty great. We the Internet Association and all of our member companies agree. And one of the most important reasons why the internet’s great is because of enforceable net neutrality rules, and they are in real jeopardy. Net neutrality is the principle that allows consumers — not ISPs — to choose which web sites and apps are best. In other words when you pay ISP to access the internet you get access to the entire internet, not some curated version they’ve sold to the highest bidder. But if the FCC has its way — in just a few months — ISPs could gain unprecedented powers to fundamentally change the internet for the worse. So what can you do? Take action and tell the FCC why you care about the open internet and competition online. Demand access to the entire internet free of paid priotitization, blocking and throttling. Remind them that there is only one internet and all rules must apply to your home and mobile connections equally. We, the internet community must work together to protect the free and open internet. Click the links to have your voice heard.


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