Roofing Marketing Testimonial – Hook Agency SEO & Web Design

– I think the first thing was price. At the time my budget wasn’t too much, but, you know, it was one of those things that when you know what you want and the value in it,
you just make it happen. We were a lot smaller
then, but it was probably the best decision I ever
made for my company. Well, great return on investment. Our organic growth has
rose 600% year over year in the last year and, you
know, the biggest thing that I learned working with Tim was plan for the long
game, the short game, that sounds enticing and
low price from other people. It’s bull crap, more or
less most of the time. I hear it from other contractors that know other people I know, that decided to just go with the cheap route and the easy route and
it’s not returning them. And I feel like choosing
the value based route with someone who’s gonna
actively be a stakeholder in my business on a daily basis and easy to get ahold of
and cares about our growth, that was extremely pivotal
and it justified the value that he knew he was providing. And, that’s something
you’re just not gonna find many other places. The thing that I think
construction companies should be investing in,
in regards to marketing, if it’s not Hook Agency,
is they should be investing in finding a stakeholder
to handle those things. Someone that actually knows the stuff. Taking the time to learn
it is a full time job. It’s not something that
you’re gonna learn overnight and you’re better off utilizing someone who does it on a daily basis
and spends such dedication as Hook Agency. There’s a phrase in the trades, if you’re a Jack of all
trades, you’re a master of none and Hook Agency, they’re
masters at what they do.

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