Responsive Navigation Menu HTML5 CSS3 | XO PIXEL

Hey Pixels, In this weeks tutorial, I’ll
be showing you how to create a simple responsive navigation menu with HTML5 & CSS3. We’ll
be using media queries to help make the menu responsive so it can be used on any mobile
device. Be sure to go to my blog,, to
get all the source files and original code in this tutorial.
Now, let’s jump right in. First, we’re going to write the HTML. This
code is going to be very simple. First, we’re going to use the

tag. Within the
header tag we’re going to put the website logo and then the menu. To place the websites
logo, we’re going to use the anchortag and then give the anchor tag an id called
“logo”. To add the menu, we’re first going to use thetag. Within the nav
tag, we’re first going to add the menu’s “hamburger” icon. This “hamburger menu
icon” is very common. You’ve probably seen it on most websites and app menus on
your mobile device. We’re going to use the anchor tag and then give the tag an id called
“menu-icon”. Now, we’re going to use the unordered list

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