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Hello friends, My name is Sahil Mehta form, India’s leading tech-enabled real estate brokerage firm. And today in this lecture we are going to
discuss about the Proposal offered by Regrob for Franchise. But, first of all we will discuss about the
real estate market in India. Indian real estate industry is tipped to touch
$ 180 billion by 2020. Presently, The Real estate brokerage industry
of India is of $ 4 billion market size. More than 10 lac brokers are working and sustaining
in this industry. There is a Huge latent demand for tech enabled
professional real estate solutions in India. My dear friends, now we will discuss about
How Regrob is working ? Regrob is working on Online to Offline platform. We complete more than 70% work by technology. There are several steps which we follow to
engage with the customer. In 1st step, Customer visits regrob website
and search for their dream home. They see actual photographs and 100% authentic
information regarding the project. In 2nd step, the customer may schedule a site
visit by online itself. In 3rd step, Customers may connect to our
regional teams through IVR or we can say Interactive Voice Call Routing. In 4th step, We feed the customer’s data in
customer relationship management tool software. In the next step, we engage Site visit with
the customer. In 6th step, Closure happens. And in 7th step, We congratulate customers
and reward them for referrals. He receives free services like Vastu reports
too from us. We use our offline team for site visits only. My dear friends, now I will tell you What
are the services Regrob offers to its franchises. Regrob offers IVR & CRM Support. Dedicated Team Support. Builder Tie up support. Market Development. And moreover, we provide Lead Generation support. My dear friends, these services are provided
from day 1 to the franchises. My dear friends, Regrob has a Pan India presence,
serving all over the India. It has presence in Bangalore-Vijaywada-Guntur-Hyderabad-Kolkata-Noida
and other several cities. In India we are working with more than 500
plus developers. My dear friends, this was the whole lecture
for today’s video. So, Thank You.

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