Ready for the Road

You know the first drive on public roads is
something that we’ve been thinking about, and every moment has been building towards
putting these cars on the roads, where we can start learning even more from them. When you
look at the car that came out around Christmas, it was the first vehicle that had everything
integrated and was our first push through our manufacturing line. We’ve now been able
to take that, do some reliability testing with it, make sure that everything really
hangs together the way it’s supposed to before we get them out onto the roads. We’ve made
the car hot, we’ve made the car cold, we’ve done durability testing, we drive it through
a reliability bump track. Getting these cars out into the public and allowing people to
react to them, allowing us to see them out there, I think that’s a huge deal. And most
importantly it’s the necessary step to getting them to drive themselves. When we think about
safety, when we think about giving people mobility, then when you start to think longer
term about the impact on cities and the ability to reclaim space, reduce congestion and free
up parking, this is something where we can have a huge impact. It’s exciting to see the
arc of this project as it’s moved to something that’s starting to be realized. And then the
next step, where we get to start people using it, really, that will be just fantastic.


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