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Can you make this image high res and sharper? This is one question, we get asked all the time as designers And the simple and unfortunate answer is no. I truly believe that designers are magicians. well the good one at least. but even designers have certain limitations and one of them is definitely quality of image So let’s go over some basics of the ideal resolution for print and web because today we’re going to explain what makes an image high resolution and why does it appear blurry sometimes. The first thing we need to understand is that web resolution is based on PPI Which is pixels per inch Print resolution on the other hand is based on dpi, which is dots per inch let’s just say dots are the print version of pixels A resolution of 72 PPI for web means that there are 72 pixels per inch in your design. The standard display like a digital monitor or your screen has a Fixed resolution of pixels which is around 72 to 96 ppi so let’s say you have an image which is 600 pixels by 600 pixels at 72 PPI It’ll look perfectly fine when viewed at that size on any digital screen But if you try to enlarge this image It’ll start losing quality because the pixels will start to lose their density and appear blocky So here are the key points that you need to remember when designing for web First if you don’t have any specific size to work with you can start with 1920 by 1080 and it will be the best size for your design because it’s considered as full resolution HD The unit of measurement should always be in pixels and start your design at the size that it is meant to be viewed So if you are designing a small banner, which is going to be placed on the corner of a website, design for that size But if you don’t have a specific size, it’s best practice to do it at 1920 by 1080 remember that images that used for web will not have the same quality if printed So always have in mind that when doing something for print it will always always have different settings Which brings us to the settings for print Print resolution is 300 dpi which is 300 dots per inch This high density of dots packed into an inch is what makes your image crisp and clear when you view it closely So 300 dpi is the standard for printing so whenever you’re making something for print Always start with the size that it’s meant to be viewed. For example if you’re making a flyer Do it in A5 size or if you’re making a poster do it in A3 size But it’s not enough to have just an image with 300 dpi We also need to keep in mind the dimensions of the image. We always want a higher dimension So for example, let’s say we have an image which is 3 inches by 3 inches This is a total of 9 inches with 300 dpi. The image will look crisp only when viewed at that size if you try to stretch this image to 6 inches it Will start pixelating and that is why when it comes to sourcing Images bigger is better and by bigger We don’t mean bigger file size which is around 4 MB But we mean bigger image size which is around 4000 pixels so you can resize it anyway you want to without losing its quality. So that’s it guys. I hope you enjoyed today’s episode always Remember if you’re designing for print and web and keep these things in mind and hit the subscribe button And come back for more because we have so much more in store for you. Bye

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