Power BI Hyperlink Icons! Make Your HTML Links Look Pretty

Hello my friends today I’m gonna share a
quick tip on how to handle these really useful but ugly looking URLs. So you know I have this report and it’s obviously a time you know for timing data but you
know we have some useful URLs we’re using measures to create dynamic URLs
which is kinda cool right so you notice that I have my country here on this side
and then I’m passing that into my URL and the idea here is that you’re linking
to your own reporting system which I don’t have one so I’m using Google but
imagine this could be your SSRS report or other system which it is linking to
and of course you can do this with other scenarios as well you can link to other
Power BI reports and pass those parameters in and you can also let me
see if I can pull that up do things like you know pull up like if you are showing
sales order number then you can link it to your system which shows you the sales
order in your own system and again ignore google.com and imagine this is
linking to your own transaction system so that maybe you the customer support
rep can look at more detail maybe even refund transactions whatnot right so
that’s the idea that’s where so definitely web URLs can be useful in a
lot of scenarios and by the way just really quickly the way this works is
that you take check that field select that field so let me go find one of
these guys URL and you go in modeling and you have to change the data category
to web URL but that’s all well and good the only problem that I have is man
these look really ugly and of course you could kind of shorten them and let me
get rid of this guy you could kind of shorten them and so forth but but still
that’s you know I wish there was a better way but guess what there is so
the option here let me go back to the report actually let’s keep it big the
option here is see if you go to the visualization pane and go to the second
tab which is what format and and let’s see if I can remember where it is I
think it’s in values and bingo there it is so notice there is an option here
for URL I can write and it’s like a global option it applies to the whole
visual so notice what’s gonna happen here as soon as I toggle it boom no more
ugly links a nice pretty small little URL icons you know but of course you
might have to like tell users the first time but yep they you know what they can
click and it works and it’s gonna take them to the to the right reports and
notice I clicked on Australia and not open and I can think on France and in
this case this was a power bi report and that is gonna open to France in three
two one here we go right so you get the idea and so the links are fully
functional but instead of that ugly link that we had we have these nice little
icons hey keep watching more videos and keep learning power bi but if you did
enjoy this video I would love to hear from you so leave a comment like
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