Possible Problems – Web Development

And, obviously, the answers, are all of these. It is a pain to change. We’ve basically hard-coded these percent s’s here and there and we’re doing this complicated logic to put everything together. That is zero fun. We don’t get any syntax highlighting. That’s correct. Because we’re putting HTML in our Python code. So, we’re not dealing with HTML. We’re basically dealing with big strings. And that’s really tedious to manipulate when your editor is set up to write Python. Our code is ugly. I didn’t have a whole lot of fun explaining that code to you. I can’t imagine you had a whole lot of fun listening to me attempt to do so. We can certainly make things a lot more clear. And it’s error prone. You know if you miss one of those percent s’s, you get a percent s in your output. If you want to, you know, add extra things, it’s very difficult to reason about and kind of figure out what goes where. So this is, obviously, not a particularly great approach for generating HTML from our web application. It works for short, little things like just a simple, simple tiny form. But anything more complicated than that is very unwieldy.

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