After 15 years of using almost every
single day I have to admit that PHP is dead Hey what’s up source hacker Senaid here from the place where I’ll help
others to become a web developer much easy and fast and they will do it on
their own so if that is something that interests you make sure that you
subscribe so before we actually dive into this topic and before I actually
show you some data behind what I’m talking about
I just want to take a moment to really think about all the things that have
come through all the years let’s say in the last 10 years and I have to say that
we have seen a lot of the new languages that are coming in and going out and
they become popular and they are for some period of time really trending and
then they stop so probably PHP is one of the longest
language that we use today and during almost every new year we see a lot of
the people that are talking that language is going to be there that no
one’s going to use it anymore but still PHP even today is pretty pretty trendy
so in my youtube channel I usually get a lot of the comments that why I do not
stop teaching people PHP why I do not start teaching like let’s say la laravel
note react or any other framework and I want to show few things that probably
most of you never realize that they exist and pretty much I want to go to
the something that is called Google Trends and basically this is a website
where that is powered of course by the Google and we are able to enter some
search terms and we actually are able to see how something is trending over the
time so let’s say I will start this time with PHP okay and now pretty
much when we take this topic and we can see here we are able to choose do we
want worldwide or any other country or the United States so maybe let’s say
worldwide and then we can choose the period of time so let’s say I’ll say
five years for now so does that you get an idea and then we can see that in the
last five years there is almost no big change yes there is of a smaller
popularity of the language in in the last two years as you can see here but
let’s compare this language with any other popular that actually exists and
of course here I just want to mention that I’m talking about web development
language and I do not take in conclusion like what we use the language for but we
just want to check the popularity of the language so if you are someone who is
just starting out and who is not able to make decision so maybe you say I want to
become a web developer but I don’t know what should I learn is it PHP pop or is
it not or whatever the case might be so because of that let’s take a look at
this graph so let’s see the next one that I’m going to add that is very
popular is angular okay and now in this graph here you can see now that in the
period of five years I mean we can’t at all compare those two languages because
obviously PHP is dramatically more popular even these days so as you can
see is 59 by 2025 which is huge difference then let’s say we are going
to add the node okay and as you can see even for the node he doesn’t
I mean he’s not able to compare at all with PHP and we can see that even he is
more popular than now let’s use another very popular let’s
say you react okay now for the react it’s a green color we can see now that
he’s getting in the polarity and he at first and last for five years he was
like the less popular and then over the years he is becoming more and more
popular but still even on today day we can see that it’s huge difference
between PHP and react and now we can see that PHP is even more popular and now
let’s say I will just add one more you can try yourself any other if you want
let’s say fightin because there is always big talk between Python and PHP
and now here is the part where the things are going to be changed we can
see now that probably python is going to take a lot more market shape and a lot
more search and it’s getting a lot more popular than what PHP or any other is
but we can still see that PHP is number two and let’s say I will now search for
let’s say from the 2004 okay and I mean this graph is pretty much King ass clear
idea what like where the PHP was now he’s getting down but we can with big RT
say that if you are someone who is starting out and if you are someone who
can decide is it PHP good or not we can obviously say that it is good it is
still very popular and even if we think about let’s say just WordPress like blog
blog platform like probably 90% of the worldwide is on the WordPress it is it
powered by PHP there will always be our job around that so I really don’t see
any reason why any of you will be I would say afraid to start learning PHP
even if so many talks about that it’s not
popular anymore at all so guys I hope that this video will give you some ideas
on here’s it PHP really that or not I will that judgment leave to you but I
always love to use the data that will actually give me the real idea and
really I can graphically see what is happening over the period of time and I
have one question for you guys yes I’m thinking like what new language I can
start teaching you every Thursday so based on what we can see here I will go
with Python or it can be the react but I’ll be super happy if you will leave in
the comments below what you really think and what you will really allow me to
teach you so if you like this video please like it and share to your friends
and of course if you have any questions or at least please share your opinion
with me I’m happy to hear to read it and replay to your comments take care


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