Photoshop Smart Object for Web Design Tricks

hey guys Faiz here and in this video we
will Berlin is smart object I’ll teach you that the smarter way to make your
design workflow super super fast so this video is PC for Photoshop users because
I know after coming SketchApp in market Photoshop’s user doing lots of struggle
in his life, I have seen lots of something let’s suppose you have to design your
have ten pages and there is navigation bar and someone say and your clients say and
anyone to say I don’t like this can you make it change what you will do you will
go every peach and pink color so it is so much I think I know it so in this
video I will teach you that how to make things globally like component just
single click everything change into Photoshop so just watch me here so guys
this is very quick tutorial and give you the right way to make it very easier
everything so let’s start it let’s suppose I have this kind of layout which
I have downloaded from the Photoshop it is already met layout and I have
converted this hamburger menu the navigation bar into the smart object so
what I did let suppose I need to change the color so every time I don’t need to
go on any pages just change color change color I have a this smart object and
let’s suppose if I open this by double click I have a separate layer for this
but this is a global let’s suppose I need to change color I just click on my
background color and I put these color areas and save it seemed magic how how
easy it is it is a kind of hacking tip so again change color okay let’s suppose
this one the light blue see if it’s amazing
so okay I’m gonna tell you that how I did this so let’s suppose I’m going to
close this document right now create a new file like web or anything like this
so I am going to give you the basic guidance that after that you can make
lots of thing just think about this is not a smart object this is the component
component like this is a navigation bar navigation where is a single component
and the higher Hydra is a single component and just think as a component
that it will be easy to make design for you and you can make very fast row
design so example I created the rectangle over here it is quite easy and
I change the color let’s suppose this color and now I have I’m going to
convert this into the smart object it is very easy just click right click on the
layer and convert to smart object otherwise you can go into the layer and
smart object simple so this is a very common smart object with you you you are
using it’s very common but now the trick is just example right click on this and
convert to link when you will click on this the power will come and it will ask
you that where you want to see if this object only this object so basically
this is the object for me this component let’s suppose I I want to save this
intro tutorial component and I say box one okay and I save this file also into
the same folder or like outside one great so now I just duplicate this one
and I said file number two and again i duplicate I say file number three
amazing so I have a three file let me open three files quickly I have my three
file over here and the magic is when I click on this just double click over
this and the separate object file is open and let me change the color C it is
very quickly so let’s suppose you have a ten and twelve pages into your website
and there’s a global navigation bar and you want to you can use this object and
it will help you a lot guys I like your support I like your love guys and you
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subscribing me and if you are still watching me and if you don’t subscribe
thank you so much I’ll see you soon

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