Only-child Matthew moved to tears by brotherly James and Oliver – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions

GENTLE PIANO MUSIC # Once I was seven years old # My momma told me # Go make yourself some friends # Or you’ll be lonely # Once I was seven years old # It was a big, big world # But we thought we were bigger # Pushing each other to the limits # We were learning quicker… # CHEERING Nice, boys. # ..Drinking burning liquor # Never rich so we were out # To make that steady figure # Once I was 11 years old AUDIENCE GASPS # I only see my goals # I don’t believe in failure # Cos I know the smallest voices # They can make it major # I got my boys with me # At least those in favour # And if we don’t meet
before I leave… # Lovely. # Once I was 20 years old CHEERING # Soon I’ll be 60 years old # My daddy got 61 # Remember life and then your life
becomes a better one # I made a man so happy # When I wrote a letter once # I hope my children come and visit # Once or twice a month # Soon I’ll be 60 years old # Will I think the world is cold # Or will I have a lot of children # Who can warm me? # Soon I’ll be 60 years old # Will I think the world is cold # Or will I have a lot of children # Who can warm me? # Soon I’ll be 60 years old # Once I was seven years old. # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE # It’s not about me # It’s not about
who I want to be… # Jason & Oliver, everyone! CHEERING # You know that we are better off
as two # Cos we are, we are, we are # We are more # We are, we are, we are # We are more. # So proud of them. So proud of them. They were incredible. Oh, boys, welcome to the show! CHEERING I really, really liked it. The illusion of a mirror effect –
it really felt like you guys were matched and you were living
off each other. The lifts felt like
they had air to them. And when you grabbed him by the neck
and started turning him, I was like, “Yes! What was that?!” CHEERING That was spectacular. I have one tiny little thing I need
to ask of you. And that’s the face. I don’t want to see
if you’re out of breath. I don’t want to see if you’re
slightly miming the words. I just want you to tell us
with your body language. And that was the only criticism. BOOING Constructive. They don’t like that.
No, that’s good. I mean, it’s great to get
constructive criticism because it’s only going
to make you better. Yeah. It was so incredible. I found myself obviously just
really, really moved by that. I’m an only child but I always
wished I had, like, an older… Just a brother in general. The camaraderie you have
with each other… I know you guys aren’t related,
but it was so beautiful to watch. And, honestly,
I loved the stumble that you had, because it made you human. You
know, and it gave you room to grow. It’s like it didn’t even happen
because you came right out of it. But it was just such
a beautiful routine. Thank you, captains. Is there anything you want
to say to the audience? Thank you so much. James & Oliver, everyone! CHEERING # Oh, together # Oh, together… # Well done. I just looked at how he kept
looking… ..the little one kept
looking at the… It was so… Yeah, like…
I think that’s what got me… Yeah. It was so, like… Like, “Brother,
help me. Lift me.” ..admiration. I’m just… I’m overwhelmed.
I can’t believe it.


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