Online Master’s in Computer Science – Indrakshi Ray

I’m Indrakshi Ray and I’m a professor at
the computer science department here at CSU. Computer Science has to do with encoding,
storing, tracking and transforming information. And this information is being generated everywhere
these days in various forms and formats. You know, “how can you manage all of this
information.” Computer Science impacts almost all the sectors
you can think of. The financial sector, the transportation sector,
the healthcare sector, and of course, you know, commerce and business. Initially I was looking for an online master’s
degree so I wouldn’t have to quit my job and go to a campus. I wanted to continue my career and fit a master’s
degree into my life. Computer Science is pretty diverse, so the
students do have flexibility in choosing their sub-specialization areas. The thing that differentiates a master’s degree
from a bachelor’s degree is that the exposure to novel research done by researchers in the field. As a student in the master’s program they
get you know, to work with professors doing world-class research, as well as they themselves get to work on these research components and so they learn from this research and get to
see what’s to come and also be a part of it. I really enjoyed the master’s in computer
science program. I would highly recommend it to anyone who
is looking for a master’s degree in computer science. We need very many different kinds of students
so together we can do something that is very meaningful and which is likely to change the world.

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