No Easy Fix – Hyperlinked (Ep 2)

[energetic rock music] And… stop! [both panting] Did we beat our record? Aw, man,
13 steps short. But these smoothies should give
us enough energy to beat it. Did someone say “smoothies”? Thank you. Mine was supposed
to be banana. One banana coming right up. What a brilliant idea
making your little sister
our assistant. You’re a natural-born
businesswoman. Thanks, soulsie. I learned all my executive
boss skills from you. [upbeat music][Girl] Hey.Are we ready?Girl code.♪ Gonna get it started ♪♪ In it for the journey ♪♪ Not just for the party ♪♪ Decode until we get it ♪♪ So we can keep on dreaming ♪♪ And we can keep believing ♪♪ Go after every goal ♪♪ Soulsies on a roll ♪♪ Yeah ♪♪ Heart to heart,
go, go ♪
♪ Whoa, hyperlinked ♪♪ Heart to heart,
go, go ♪
♪ Whoa, hyperlinked ♪♪– [laughing]
– [typing] [clicks] [Justine] Ella and Izzy,
get over here! What’s up? Juliette got another
“Answer Girl” question. Juliette got another
“Answer Girl” question! “Dear Answer Girl,
it’s so hard to balance school, activities,
and a social life. I have a million things
going on. I don’t want to drop
the ball on one, you know? Is it even possible
to do it all? Thanks for your help.
TwinsRAwesome.” Dear TwinsRAwesome,
A, yeah, they are. I always wanted
to be a twin; and B, ugh, I feel you
on balancing stuff. But just put your mind to it
and you’ll get everything done. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow down. That’s not really
a helpful answer. Yeah, 7th grade is no joke. I’m busier than my mom,
and she has 732 employees, and a husband,
which she says is more work. Have you been answering
all the questions so quickly? I mean, sorta. Girl, you need to slow down
and think on that. Just like I’m gonna
slow down and think about
which delicious shake
I’m gonna get next. Banana-rama-slammer? Okay, don’t look now,
but Jake is right behind me. He was ordering a kale smoothie,
and I happened to overhear he doesn’t have a date
for the dance. So, if one of you wanted
to ask him, he’s very cute and a very generous tipper. Mom, we’ve told you
a thousand times, we’re going together
as a group. Yeah, they don’t care
about boys. I even read their text chain
and it’s shockingly true. Told you 0000
wasn’t a great password. Well, the theme this year
is Made For Each Other, And, hello,
we’re going to win, because our soulsie squad
is totally made for each other! Aren’t dances
for, like, couples? No! I just came up with an awesome
video idea for the site. Let’s make an announcement
to show girls that it’s totally cool
to go to dances with your soulsie squad. Guess who has their first
middle school dance tomorrow night. Wrong. No. Getting warmer. ‘Kay, stop guessing. It’s us! [uptempo dance music] And we’ve decided that
instead of going with boys, we’re gonna go
with each other! No offense, boys.
You’re cool, too. [pop sounds] Oh, and I almost forgot. I’m making
our squad outfits. Video of that
coming later. ‘Kay, girls,
break it down with the soulsie squad dance
I choreographed.♪ Ooh ♪♪ Yeah, gonna need
a team, oh ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh ♪[dance music]♪ Yeah, gonna need
a team, oh ♪♪
Do you think my room
needs an update? I mean, I love
your room, but, yeah. I guess it’s a little…
6th grade. I was kinda thinking… Yeah? You wanna put a blank
white poster over your wall? Very modern. No, I wanna make this
the background for our videos. We can decorate it
and it’ll stay on my wall, so that whenever we shoot,
we have a backdrop. Let’s do this. Wait! We have to plan out
what we’re going to do first. We can’t just mark it up
without thinking it through. Juji, you know I love you,
but just relax a little. Okay, you can do it,
but I can’t watch. [guitar music] Done. [gasps] It’s so cute that
when you’re stressed, which you always are, that you can look at it
and laugh. [ting] [door opens] Popcorn and chocolate for you. Popcorn and gummies for you,
just like you ordered. Go grab some popcorn
and come hang with us. Really? Cool! I’ll have your assistant
clean that right up. Oh, wait, that’s me. [hip-hop dance music] So, my concept
for our outfits
is boss girls. We’ll each wear
a different color dress, and then on top,
I’m making us each one of my personalized vests
that fits our personalities. Oh, could you find me
a dancer pin, and a doughnut patch? Request noted. And now I want
a doughnut. [laughs] Katie alert. Oh, she’s so awesome,
it’s annoying. Hey, so what are you guys
doing for the dance?[Izzy] Katie–
awesome skater,
awesome dancer,
awesome everything!
I’m going with Justin. We’re going
as Gigi and Zayn. Oh, we’re going as versions
of ourselves, together. We bought our outfits
from a graphic artist in L.A. Oh. Peace out! See? So awesome,
she even has a date. Who cares? We’re totally winning
the Made For Each Other. On second thought,
maybe we should just find normal dresses and go
as something cool. Your stuff is cool!
I promise. Maybe we could
go as doughnuts! Maybe you’re just hungry. [both laugh] [dance music] Turns out your little sister
has a great eye for eyes. Thanks! Beauty is in the eye
of the beholder, or in this case, eyes. Hang on, I’ll help. I just have to make sure
the site is compatible with the new gifs I added. – “Jiffs.”
– [Juliette] Whatever. OM-Dubs,
I’m so proud of you! You’re almost
speaking my language. I started reading that
coding book you gave me, theCoding For Babies?I think it’s actually
meant for babies. Want me to check and see
if it’s working? No, I think I did it. I wanted to make sure
that I could do these things, because, sadly,
you don’t live here, so I gotta know
how to do this stuff. I asked my mom if I could
move in on the night she and Dad worked late,
and she said, “Love you to the moon,
but, no. You have a home, and I will
be back to tuck you into bed.” Nice try, though. Hey, that was
her next line! “Nice try, though! XO, Mom.” She doesn’t know she doesn’t
have to sign her texts. [laughs]
We’re such soulsies that I can even read
your mom’s mind. You guys don’t know
everything about each other. Yeah, we do. We’re sister-friends. [upbeat music] I bet you
your fanciest nail polish that you don’t know
everything about each other. I have a better idea
than the nail polish. Hey, guys! Welcome to
our first soulsie quiz, where we find out how much we actually know
about each other. My little sister, Olivia,
will ask the questions. And any time we get
an answer wrong, she gets to crack
an egg on our head. It’s like the best day
of my life. Here we go. Juliette, what’s Justine’s
fave thing to do on the weekend? Easy.
She likes to game. – [buzzer sound]
– [Olivia imitates buzzer] What? Gaming is number two. Number one isJeopardy
with my ‘rents! That’s like
old-school gaming! Ella, what’s Izzy’s
fave after-school snack? [blows raspberry]
No-brainer. Froyo! She’s tried every topping combo
mathematically possible. – Safe.
– [chime sound] If Juliette could pick
one famous person to meet, who would it be? Our queen, T-Swift! But not just because
of the music, because of the empire. Izzy, what is Ella
scared of? Clowns? [imitates buzzer] Roller coasters! I knew that! Open-toed sandals. [imitates buzzer] [squeals]Elefantes?– [imitates buzzer]
– [squeals] – A ninja!
– [imitates buzzer] – Iridescent purple.
– [imitates buzzer] – A cappella?
– [imitates buzzer] – The rain forests, I guess?
– [imitates buzzer] – Crocodiles!
– [imitates buzzer] – Psh, rom-coms.
– [imitates buzzer] What? [upbeat electronic music] [buzzer sound] That’s all
for the soulsie quiz. Turns out these girls
still have some learning to do. [upbeat electronic music] Okay, I’m too nervous to see
if you guys like them, so when I say “action,”
pose in front of the new background
for my DIY video. We love them! And, action! [rock music] [camera clicking] [engine revving] [camera clicking] [needle scratches record] Sorry, I just
really wanted one. Man, being younger
is so unlit. [hip-hop music] Everyone pose
like a girl boss! [All] Whoo! Whoo, whoo! – [camera clicking]
– [girls laugh] Whoo, whoo!
Whoo, whoo! – [girls laughing]
– [music blaring] Guys, you’re gonna be late! You’ll have to take the bus
if you miss your ride. [Juliette]
You’re our ride. [laughs] And I have places to go! That never works.
They know I have no social life. Geniuses, get your butts
down here! – On the count of 10…
– [music stops] …nine, eight, seven– Mom, counting stopped working
after we were five. I know, I just like
to pretend sometimes ’cause it’s kinda hard for me
watching all you girls grow up. What do you think? [applause] I love it, and I would say
we should take pictures, but I’m sure
you already have, like, 200 of them
on your cellphones. Yeah. Now, wait till you see
our outfits. Your what? Oh, didn’t we tell you that
we’re going as chaperones? – [Mother] Mm-hmm.
– Hit it, hon. – Whoa, Miss O. and Friends!
– Boom, right here! – [mother scatting]
– [Frank] There we go. Oh, yeah, we’re gonna
advertise while we’re there. – Mm-hmm.
– No, no, no, no,
you’re not doing that. Seriously, that’s like
social death! [Both]
We’re kidding! [Mother] Olivia made these
for us so we could prank you! Thank goodness. But we are going to wear them
to work every day. Uh-oh, I just tried to post
Ella’s new outfit video, and it won’t let me. What?
That’s weird. It was the update you did. It must have not been
totally compatible. No, I did it right. Guess not.
It’s all scrambled up. [Juliette] Well, can users
still log in at least? We got, like, a hundred
new users this week, and we can’t lose ’em now. Nope, your update
is def messing things up. This is so unlit. I bet I can fix it.
Let me try. No, no, no, no, no.
I can fix it. I’m the one who messed up.
You said so yourself. Okay, that’s so
not what I meant. Well, you’re right. I need to deal
with my own mistakes. You guys go to the dance, and I’ll catch up
if I fix it in time. Are you serious? Yeah, it’s fine,
seriously. You can’t just not go.
We’re going as a squad. We can’t win
the Made For Each Other contest without each other. I can’t just leave the site
like this all night. It doesn’t work. What if someone’s trying
to ask a question? We could lose users. Mom, Dad, can you
drive the girls? Yeah, no, no.
I got it. I’ll go. Come on, girls,
let’s go. [typing] Sweetie, are you sure? You were really excited about
your first middle school dance. I know, but I’m the one
who started the site, and I can’t just
ditch it right now. You sure you’re not trying
to just prove a point to a certain somebody? That’s exactly
what I’m doing. I’m proving to the Miss O. girls
that I’m serious about the site. Okay. Well, if you decide
you want a ride to school, I’ll be here. [sighs] [upbeat music] Maybe we should’ve
stayed home, too. No way. We’ve been dreaming
of this dance for years. We just don’t have
our whole squad. I can’t believe she chose
the site over us. Hey, guys, are y’all
entering the contest? And I thought you were
coming with your foursome. Um, yeah, Juliette
is running late. Oh, well, you could just
be Made For Each Other without Juliette. Just a thought. Good luck! So, should we dance? Maybe we should hit
the punch table first. I don’t understand
how this happened! [Olivia] I do. Are you eavesdropping
on me by myself? I brought you chocolate. I thought you might
be bummed. Thanks. It’s actually a sorta common
early website mistake. You added an app that
wasn’t supported yet, and it made
everything else mess up. I know I’m just an assistant,
but maybe I can help? What?
How do you know that? I stole your coding book. Thanks, and you’re
not just an assistant. See? It wasn’t
that hard, was it? – What wasn’t that hard?
– Accepting my help. You can be stubborn sometimes,
you know that? – I am not!
– Point proven. [upbeat dance music] [laughter and chatter] [pop sounds] Turns out my fearsome
foursome dance doesn’t work that great
with just three. Yeah, this doesn’t
feel right. You guys,
tell me the truth. Was I kind of rude
to Juji when I told her
she messed up the site? That’s a yes. Okay, loud and clear. It’s not totally your fault. She puts so much pressure
on herself. Okay, I have an idea. What if we could find a way
for her to fix the site here? Like at the dance! And then she can be here
for us to enter the contest. We can’t enter
without Juliette. Now you’re talking! [dance music] Ella worked so hard
on our outfits. She even gave you
leader of the pack status. You think I should’ve let
Justine help me, don’t you? I don’t wanna put words
into my own mouth, but, yes. [dance music] [typing]♪ Madness,
when we down to ride ♪
♪ Don’t mean
a right number… ♪
– Ms. Meyers?
– Oh, yes. Do you have the key
to the tech lab? Now, why would you need
to get into the tech lab? We have to get
into our Miss O. server. Long story
involving stubbornness,
but please trust us? Well, bring it
right back, please. Thanks so much,
Ms. Meyers. You totally have my vote for Most Glittery Teacher
in the yearbook!♪ I’m countin’,
I’m gettin’ ♪
♪ This money, yeah ♪♪ I’m runnin’, I’m runnin’,
I’m runnin’, yeah… ♪
I am glittery. Good for you,
Ms. Meyers. No, good for you. Hmm. [distant dance music] Okay, I just need to get
into Miss O.’s web interface, and then we can tell Juliette
she can fix the site here. Coding and dancing
totally mix anyway. It’s true. I can still feel
the beat in here. Do you think we’ll be able
to get her here in time for the Made
For Each Other contest? Bingo! [phone chimes] Hey, are you guys
having fun at the dance? Well, actually,
we left the dance
to get into the tech lab, so you can come to the dance
and fix the site. Wait, are you in a car, or is your bedroom
passing by a gas station? I decided I shouldn’t
have left you guys without your full squad. I’m on my way
to the dance! Meet you outside in three! [dance music]♪ Yeah, gonna need
a team, oh… ♪
Hey, go in there and show ’em
what you girls are made of, but no twerking! [rock music] I’m sorry I left you guys. We’re so sorry
we left you. We pulled up the site
in the lab so you can work on it
in here. I ditched trying to fix it. I decided that my priorities
were way out of whack. [Ella]
No, they weren’t. You were just trying
to juggle everything. And, hello,
we’re not jugglers. Hey, why don’t you two go
and enter us into the contest? ‘Kay, but please don’t take
an hour-long soulsies chat, ’cause we all
have to be there when the judges
do their judging. Look, I’m sorry
I made you feel bad about messing up the site. Anyone could have
done it, even me. In fact, I have. – You have?
– Tons of times. – I should’ve told you that.
– Come on. [dance music] Okay, and that is a wrap on the Made
For Each Other contest. Hey, thanks to everybody
who entered. Whoo! [dance music] No, we missed it. Yeah, those two boys
from our history class dressed up
as two Romeos and won. I’m sorry, guys. I messed this up
for everyone. Hey, I like the vests
all together. Where did you get them? Ella made them. Whoa!
Way cool, Ella. Yeah, I know. Ella’s so awesome,
it’s annoying. You know what? Who cares if we win
the contest? We know our squad
is great. Yeah. And not to brag,
but we are! See, you didn’t mess up
anything, Juji. Thanks, guys. Hey, TwinsRAwesome,
do you know what I think about doing
a ton of things at once? Well, you can’t always
do everything perfectly, or by yourself. Maybe you can have
someone help you. That’s what friends
and family are for, but you have to be willing
to let them help you out. Also, you only have
one first middle school dance. [All] Whoo! Hope that helps! Love, Answer Girl. [dance music] Let’s show this school
who’s got the dance moves. [electronic music] ♪ System overload ♪♪ Yeah, gonna need
a team, oh ♪
♪ Get into my zone,
yeah ♪♪ Then we start pushing ♪♪ I got that push and pull
up in my head ♪ ♪ All those things
that he, she, they said ♪ ♪ When it feels like,
ooh, just a little too much ♪ ♪ Ooh, girl,
when I’ve had enough ♪ ♪ Ooh, my head is just
oh-la-la-la-la ♪ ♪ Ooh,
just a little too much ♪ ♪ Ooh, girl,
slow it down ♪ ♪ Down, down, down ♪ ♪ Read my lips ♪ ♪ I, I, I, I got this ♪ ♪ Read my lips ♪ ♪ I, I, I, I got this ♪♪ [crowd cheers and applauds] – [Man] Mark.
– Cool! [rock music] – That was weak.
– [laughs] I literally
might start crying! [squeal] Ew. Oh, you nailed it!
[laughs] Oh, sorry!
Can’t get up! Ooh! Hey, Internet, and Miss O.
and Friends fans. Paul here, gonna show you
some dance moves from my generation. The running man.
Aw, yeah! The cabbage patch. And the worm! Schooled ya!

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