I’ve never gone on an internet date before I’ve never gone on an internet date before like ever. This is…nervous I’m nervous ay yo good morning LOGANG whats aghhhhhhh aye yo good morning logang whats aghhhhhh okay, how are you guys? its one of those mornings had to wake up, theres only one way to do that i know, i know, i know good morning young kong doggy good morning puppy thats my boi right there but you know who’s also my boi, thasss muh boiii good morning guys yea we had a little incident about an hour ago you okay? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i forgot to turn the sink off and it over flowed and now theres water everywhere *intense slapping of the H2O* ugh im an idiot. Good morning Brendan. Good morning Logan Ayla, Ayla I need you Okay you know what? I’ll help you if you help me Can you get thi- Help me help you What you trying to do Cuz I- Ayla what- *intense gasp* LOGAN I f****d up Oh my god! It’s soaking wet! It’s everywhere! *Ayla shrieks cuz superstars wet* Why would you do that!?!?! I don’t know It’s all over the place!!!! I’m a vlogger! Get out of the bathroom get out! I hope we don’t have to evacuate the building No you’re evacuating the bathroom Get out! Get out! Out You’re wearing white underwear Can you put on something else besides white underwear? We have to blur my d*ck But luckily my girl Ayla was here the adult of the house! you’re a child, I use to be a preschool teacher and I’ve never cleaned up this much mess. You were a preschool teacher or you’re in preschool? *nice roast* Gotcha, got another little problem on our hands. what happened your phone just broke? eh, Nuh– yeah Why did you have to think about it? (Insert laugh here) She can’t get her sim card out. obviously I’m gonna help her… wit– with a fishing hook Ayla: There is nothing else pointy in your house Whe– but I have fishing hooks? Yeah, you do I’m a f***ing savage,let’s go fishing bro f*** your sim card, LET’S GO CATCH SOME BASS BRO… I’ll do it, I’ll do it. Alright I’ll get it later. Noo… we got places to be *Nyan Cat Music* First item on the agenda, it’s a gif shoot… It’s like a photo shoot but with gifs *Insert retarded laugh here* I love walking kong, ’cause he’s just so excited about life So, the buildings sketch level is somewhat high. but there’s an elevator, ok? Kong’s kinda high maintenance, he did request to take the elevator, yaaa! You’re a little hollywood dog, aren’t ya? *Insert intrigued noises here* Did Kong pee bro? Kong peed And to make it worse bro I don’t know how to tell you this You stepped in it bro H-H-He peed a bit yeaaaa I’m so sorry bro What the hell Kong? Why you so high maintenance? I know for a fact He just peed like 20 minutes ago He’s not even doing it cuz he has to pee *Gibberish* He’s just like,”F*ck everybody Yeah i’m gonna go *More Gibberish* The good news is this place is 🔥 Yeah bro look at this They got foosball Also we got a little mini golf We got a mini dog Connect 4 Scooters! Yo a wall of TVs This is or GIF wall It’s like a TV wall with GIFs Is this is the f***ing WiFi? Y Q Hoe Is this the WiFi code? YQHoE Bro that’s my WiFi code at home We got T-Pain on here, the cast of Riverdale whAAAAAAAAAAAAAAt? Now you’re about to have Kong da savage bro And he might pee all the way down💧 Kong he That’s an issue Please don’t dude Here we go This is everything I’ve ever dreamed of Oh my god That was kind of dope dude Kong are you Okay? Yo he liked it He’s a savage bleep *logan struts down like a savage with Kong in his hand* *He lifts up Kong with elegacy* *Now he shrugs like a boss* *Okay that’s kind of weird* *Now he’s running with Gains in his hand?* *Now he shows it to the camera* *That’s even weirder* Merch link in bio #AlwaysPlug bleep Ayy ok good times at the gift photoshoot We are back home right now Except let’s pump the brakes real quick Why-What ar-What is this doing? Why is this outside of my house? AYLAAA Aylaa Ayla Oh.. You’re not Ayla It’s for the dishwasher installation Ok guys either Ayla turned into a man who knows how to fix dishwashers Or I’m being robbed right now Oh god what do I do? OH THANK GOD!! Did I scare you? yess Sorry I missed you Yo you scared me I thought we were being robbed You’re just gonna leave a guy that we don’t even know here Yeah he’s Okay I’m sorry guys sorry You always say the weirdest shut someone up person but I keeped running (I tried) You literally did not say English words right there You did not speak English Replay *I am not going to subtitle that* bleep Intro-Introduce me to our friend Hold on hold on one second hold on Uh we have George I have a friend name George Do you love George? No I don’t even know him No Maverick says you do No I don’t Maverick Then why is he here Cuz he’s fixing the dishwasher No he’s not Yeah Someone’s gotta take care of the house when you’re not here bleep Bro here’s the real issue at hand. Are you getting the boxing gloves out again bro I am cause we have found the weakest link bro if you’re a dishwasher and you can’t wash dishes get the f***k out *beats poor dishwasher* yo what is this why is this here can someone please tell me what this single piece of bread is doing in the freezer was it George? you did this? yea why freeze a piece of bread and then its good for the dogs when they are teasing whattt?? *laughs* leave it in there Okay guys, so in yesterday’s vlog I said I actually have a date scheduled for today *Maverick Squawks* Ah, yeah I know – Hey come on don’t say that! It’s gonna be great – Imma – Oh come on! I’m a good date, buddy! I AM A GOOD DATE!! Ignore him Okay, here I am I’m in the Merch Closet (#AlwaysPlug) I gotta pick an outfit that’s gonna make this girl go AUHHHHH (*Wtf Logan*) We got the Maverick USA Sweater We got the USA shirt We got the Savage Hoodie We got the Classic Red Maverick But, yo I need something clean! ‘Cause I gotta look good for this date Oh, oh! Here we go. This is clean YA YEET!!!! Ooh, ooh yeah okay HEE HA HA (Oh dear lord Logan) This is definitely dope, but I wanna get a little bit fancier Oh, yeah bro We’re going suit coat with it! Yo, tell me that’s not like – this is the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen That’s f*ckin sexy, bro You get a little peek of the Maverick there Like just a little peek I’m not showing the whole thing – It’s like you can look at the menu, but you can’t order the whole thing just yet Also, dude, a little finishing touch, a little Maverick hat here Dude, chicks gone (gonna) dig me, dude, I’m out It’s time to see what the home girl Ayla thinks What do ya think of my outfit? *Ayla* For what? I’m goin on my, my date today Yeah, yep yep *Ayla* Seriously? Yeah, she’s about to arrive What do you think of that? *Butt Smacking Sounds* *Ayla* Can you not do – Oh my god I’m sure there’s someone that can see that


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