My Favorite SEO Hack to Increase Website Traffic | Neil Patel

Have you tried all those
traffic hacks out there that me and all these
other, quote unquote, gurus and marketing experts
have told you, but you found that you’re getting very
little traffic or results? Well, you know what, I’m
gonna change that today. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel,
and today I’m gonna share with you my favorite hack to
increase your website traffic that you’re not using. (upbeat music) Before we get started, make
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make sure you subscribe. What is this hack? Do you really think it’s that great? Is it? Can’t be, Neil, right? Well, trust me. I bet less than 1% of you
are using this tactic. You’ve heard of Google
Search Console, right? Well, of course you have. I’ve talked about it, Google’s
talked about it, everyone who’s a marketer has talked about it. But here’s what I want you to do. Trust me. You’re not doing this. First, go into Google Search Console. Second, look for all the
keywords that you’re ranking for that are driving the
majority of the traffic. They should be ranked at the top within your Google Search Console. It typically shows you the
most popular keywords that you get the most clicks
for to the least popular ones at the bottom. Now I want you to take those
keywords and click on ’em. Google Search Console will show you which page that keyword is pointing to. This is really important. Once you’ve done this, you
now know the most popular keywords that are driving
traffic to your website. If you guys already know how
to do this, and you’ve done this before, comment with a yes. If you don’t know how to do
this, please comment with a I’ve never done this before or a no. The reason I’m asking you to
do this is this will help me create future videos so I know
what to teach you on and what I know not to teach you on
’cause I don’t wanna regurgitate the same information
that you already know. But as I mentioned, you’re not doing this. And check this out, I’m
not talking about the Google Search Console part. You now have the keywords
that are driving traffic and what pages they’re going to. Take that keyword and
put it into Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest will show you all
the Google suggest versions of that keyword. What I mean by Google suggest
is, have you every done a Google search and you start
typing in things like marketing, and it starts recommending
other long tail phrases that are similar to marketing
that other people search for? These are other popular terms. If you already know that you’re ranking for terms like marketing,
what Ubersuggest will do is it’ll show you all
the long tail phrases. See with Google, it’s much
harder to rank for head terms than it is to rank
for long tail terms. So take whatever terms that
you’re already ranking for that’s driving the majority
of your traffic, print to Ubersuggest it’ll show you all
the other similar long tail phrases that you should be
using within that web page. Now I want you to go back
to your web page and I want you to integrate those keywords in there. It could be that you can
just add them in because your contents are already
similar to those key words. It may be that you have to
update your content, add in paragraphs and paragraphs of
text which is fine as well. You’ll also find that some
of those key words aren’t relevant enough to your
content and that means that you may want to write a secondary
article or another article around that one long tail phrase. Now that you’ve done this,
I want you to also update your title tag and your
meta description to include those most popular terms
that Ubersuggest showed you. Now that you’ve done that,
take that URL, go back into Google Search Console and
submit it for re-indexing. Once you submit it for
re-indexing, what you’ll find is it’ll get re-crawled by Google again. Within 30 days, you’ll notice
that your page that was already ranking for a head
term, a popular term that was driving a lot of your
traffic, will also now start ranking for long tail
phrases and you’ll be getting all this extra traffic
that you never had before. That’s my traffic hack. It’s simple, it’s easy to do
but most people don’t use it because it uses tools like
Google Search Console and Ubersuggest separately
instead of combining them. When you combine them,
you’ll get much more traffic and best of all both of
these tools are for free. Thanks for watching, make
sure you like this video, share it, subscribe to
the channel and of course if your confused on any
steps of this tactic leave a comment below, let me know
where you’re struggling and I’ll respond helping you out.


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