MOFI 4500 hot-spot how to speed it up! Better Antenna and YES Aluminum Foil! Rural Internet Service

okay so I’m just doing a quick review of
these omnidirectional antennas that I got from Amazon here and this is being
attached to my Mofi 500 mo fi 4500 router system I’m doing a baseline test
here to show the antennas that came with it and this is the speed that I get 2.49
megabits per second download 2.38 Meg’s upload this is my world I live in rural
America and this is my only method for getting a decent speed with internet so
now we have the omnidirectional paddles here the paddle antennas and I’m going
to put them on this Mophie 4500 and we’re going to see what the difference is
so the paddles that came with it are off now and we’re going to put on the new
ones they just screw on very simple the instructions say to have them in the
vertical orientation and this is on a tripod so that I can control every angle
and direction here and immediately I get about double the speed so again this is
the download speed four point 95 megabits per second and the upload speed jumps up
here too and of course I sped this up so you didn’t have to sit through the whole
speed test here three point four nine megabits per second so these antennas
definitely are a big improvement over those that were already installed now I
fooled around with some different orientations so I laid them both flat
here of course remember the instructions say vertical and we ended up with three
point 33 and 3.1 again even flat these antenna do improve the performance of
this router now we’re changing directions a little bit here and you can
get charts that show where the radio antennas are in proximity to your home
wherever you live especially in your in a rural area you can download a chart
and orient your unit now I’m facing it to the east here and just moving it
around to see what kind of maxed out speeds I can get and here I’m getting a
download speed at 6.7 megabits now my top speed at any angle prior to putting
these antennas was right around 3 or 4 max so I’ve
doubled the performance now I’m heading it to the north here and again trying to
get that maximum speed here and now I found a download speed of eight point
eight eight we have three towers North by Northwest in my location and of
course it’s a trade off the download went up the upload may or may not go up
with it so then I was thinking now I can take this a step further what if I took
a piece of aluminum foil created a parabolic curve behind it to
see if I could jam or enhance the frequencies that are coming to this
Mofi unit well it works this is regular aluminum foil I doubled it up
and tripled it at the edges I used my chicken heat lamp holders just so I can
position it it’s taped to a hanger and just mounted to this tripod so I can
position it and move it around did it improve the signal you bet it did and
the reason I know about this is I was using these little aluminum foil backing
filter enhancers with my DJI drones and look what I got thirteen point
ninety-eight download speeds and uploads now of eight point one two megabytes per
second that’s a dramatic improvement just because of aluminum and shaping it
and fiddling around with it I recommend you check things out thanks for watching
my video and happy fast internet in the country


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