Michael Coward – BSc Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence

I chose to study at the University of Nottingham
because it just seemed like a fantastic place when I came on my open day. I’d been to quite
a few unis and this one just felt so comfortable and so relaxed, and the staff were really
professional all through the time I was here. They answered all my questions and they all
seemed very friendly. My favourite highlight would definitely be
the programming module in my first semester. They really assume that you know nothing but
it’s very relaxed and very casual and by the end of it you’re writing kind of big pieces
of software, and it’s really fun, and you can kind of really see what you’ve made. You get lecturers from all different backgrounds
but they all have their individual styles and the help is fantastic. You haven’t just
got the lecturer, for every module you also have people that you can go and see so you
get individual tutors and preceptors for every module and you can always email anyone. They’re
all really friendly and they really want to make sure you’re doing your best. There’s a peer-to-peer system that I’m involved
in which is the CS Guru programme and that’s new this year, which involves me as a second
year kind of mentoring the first years. So if they have any questions about the course,
or about things not on the course they can come to us and we’ll do our best to help them
or at least escalate it to someone who we think could help. The facilities here are really good for undergraduate
computer science, we have a fantastic lab facility which is open to users of computer
science 24 hours a day so you can always come down and use a computer here. They’re all
really state of the art technology and we also have servers that we can log into remotely
and access all our files. University is definitely what you make it,
and opportunities are out there for everyone. There’s so many people here and you’re guaranteed
to find someone with the same interests as you so grab it with both hands and just make
it your own.

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