Metro Tunnel – New Break Back Piling technology

The Metro Tunnel Project is using
cutting-edge technology to reduce noise dust and vibration. Works are progressing
to build a new underground station at Parkville and four other underground
stations in Melbourne for the Metro Tunnel Project. And we’re always looking
at ways we can minimize the impacts of construction on the surrounding
community. Traditionally piling works use heavy
machinery to cut and chisel off the piling caps during the final stage of
piling. Known as breaking back the piles this is generally a noisy and dusty
process that generates vibration. To minimize noise, dust and vibration
impacts we’re using state-of-the-art technology and an innovative method to
break back the piles. It involves placing polyethylene sleeves over the
reinforcement cage down to the desired cutoff level. Next an array of purpose
designed flasks with PVC tubes are fixed to the reinforcement cage to the cutoff
level. Once the concrete is set, an expanding mortar agent is poured into
the polyethylene sleeves the expanding mortar forms a horizontal crack at the
cutoff level. This process will result in less noise, minimal dust and less
vibration. The Metro Tunnel Project is using cutting-edge technology to reduce
noise, dust and vibration. Authorised by Victorian Government, 1
Treasury place Melbourne

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