Menggabungkan HTML & CSS

Welcome to Rio Bermano Channel, this tutorial describes about how to insert CSS into HTML Actually, there are 2 diferent ways to insert CSS into HTML All these ways absoulutely easy for us Open the HTML & CSS Files that you want to combine I don’t have the files, so I’ll create them first. If you have your own html & CSS file, just skip until I’ve created these files In the latest Sublime Text, we can just write. Because we’ll call the css right here Just follow me Style CSS is the name of your CSS file, now we’ve called him here Before call CSS file in HTML file, the image still stay with original size. Now we’ve called CSS in HTML so let’s SEE it ! If we create HTML and CSS in separate worksheet, we have to call CSS file into HTML sheet It’s work !
This is an easy way if we created html & css in separate sheet. So don’t forget to call css into html sheet. When css inserted into html, anything we do on CSS sheet will have an effect to out html file Now, I’ll show you the second way Delete thetag because we will use the other way. Image returned as before In the second way, we don’t need 2 worksheets like before. Because we’ll write CSS directly in html sheet This way most used by blogspot template creator


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