Learn Excel – MailTo Hyperlinks: Podcast #1370

MrExcel Podcast is sponsored by Easy-XL. Learn Excel from MrExcel podcast episode 1370:
MailTo Hyperlink. Hey welcome back to the MrExcel netcast. I’m Bill Jelen. I got a note from Dave R. down at the Boca
Fire. Dave loved that podcast about creating hyperlinks
and he shared a great tip. Dave had a similar problem where he had to
create MailTo Hyperlinks. That’s right, you want to be able to click
a link and send an email to someone. So check this out; equal hyperlink and then
link_location, watch how cool this is; we’re going to concatenate, join a bunch of things
together. In quotes Mailto quotation close quote ampersand
and then we’re going to get just the first initial over there from column A. So the left
of A2 comma one ampersand, the last name, so that’s B2 ampersand and then in quotes
@mreexcel.com or whatever it would happen to be. The formula should look like this:
=HYPERLINK(Mailto:&LEFT(A2,1)&B2&”@mrexcel.com”) Let’s see if that completes the hyperlink
and there you go. Now what you actually get are the words Mailto
and there if you wanted to be a little bit more friendly you could say send mail to space
quote ampersand A2.=HYPERLINK(Mailto:&LEFT(A2,1)&B2&”@mrexcel.com”,”Send
Mail to “&A2&” “B2) Look at that. I hate when I get stung by that, you can’t
see the bottom left-hand corner of the screen but I’m in edit mode instead of point mode
so I’m going to press the F2 key that puts me in enter mode and now when I press the
left arrow, there we go oh that’s good. Love that someone showed me that trick, that
little F2 key and at A2 ampersand B2. There we go. Now, let’s see how that looks.=HYPERLINK(Mailto:&LEFT(A2,1)&B2&”@mrexcel.com”,”Send
Mail to “&A2&” “&B2) Send mail Sonia and then we double-click to
shoot that down and there we go, all kinds of great hyperlinks. I can just email from Excel; well it does
launch Outlook or whatever your mail application is but a great way to you know email someone
and through the hyperlink you get their email address already populated in the outlook message. So tip of the cap to David down in Boca, hope
things are going well down there. I want to thank everyone for stopping by. We’ll see you next time for another netcast
from MrExcel.


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