Kadikara Manithargal Tamil Full Movie

Why everyone is searching
franticly for home… Why there’s a shadow of betrayal
on every face… Why everyone is searching
franticly for home… Why there’s a shadow of betrayal
on every face… Is it a city of cheats? Is it a city mad after money? Is it a city with no place
to bury dead also? There’s home for an ant also… Did it get to live there? Whatever it sees,
considering as its own… Did it make any rules? O man, you’re searching franticly… Tell me,
where should I unload it, sir? Wait, he said he’ll come here. Wait for 5 minutes,
he’s not answering phone. If you tell I’ll unload here and
have to take material to Pondicherry, sir. Very urgent, sir.
– Wait, I’ll come now. Okay, sir. Have you come, sir? Come straight into Narayanasami Street. Sir, please come here. Greetings, sir. What’s this, sir? You said it’s okay
if I find home next month. Suddenly you called at 12 and
wanted a home on rent immediately. What can I do, sir? Throwing out my household things
at night, they shut down my office also. It blew into a big problem. I don’t know what to do, sir. That’s why I came to the
address you gave me. Driver doesn’t know this. Wife and children are waiting in van. Would anyone search for home
with baggage in van? Just a minute, I’ll come now. Tell me. Brother, someone has informed
police about drugs in home. What are you saying? I think drug peddler Lakshmi
would’ve told them. I mustn’t get any phone on my mobile. Inform all our boys. If there’s any trouble,
call my personal number. Okay, brother. Buddy, don’t call another transporter.
I’ll surely come, buddy. Okay, come to the place I’ll tell. Buddy, I’ll be in office in an hour. Don’t fix anyone else.
– Please wait sir, I’ll come back now. What to do, sir? When people vacate house,
they leave behind unwanted things. This bag is full of books,
my friend runs tuition centre in next street. If I give this to him,
it’ll help poor children to study, right? I brought it to hand it over
to him on the way. Keep it yourself.
– Okay. Van can’t come from this side,
we’ll use the short cut to reach. You come around to Fourth Street.
– Okay, brother. Get in quickly, man.
– Okay, brother. Start quickly. Come, let’s go.
Come. Go, come around the road.
– Okay, brother. You come with me, let’s go. Boss, if our plan succeeds,
we’ll own such flats. Stop…stop…
– What are you doing in this area, madam? What area?
All areas are mine. Who is she, boss?
– Beggar woman in next street. I made her junior artiste in films. She ran away with costume and wig. Great wig! I’m getting good money
if I beg with this wig. Okay, drop me near that signal. You can’t find a house
if you search for 10 days. We’re searching for a house
carrying household articles. Don’t know what to do now? I came here trusting you,
please do something. You trust me, right?
I’ll surely find a house for you. I didn’t sleep last night,
I’m having head ache. Shall we have a tea?
– Okay, have it. Subbu, two teas please.
– Okay, brother, I’ll prepare. I don’t want, one tea is enough.
– Why? Okay, make it one tea. Don’t know where’s that van driver? Brother, take your tea.
– He’s here…hello! Hey you, come here. Come.
– Coming, brother. You’re too naive. Where am I to search for you? He’s so foolish. Come. Where’s the house, brother? House is there, first have tea. First have tea, man. If you show house, I’ll unload the
things, I’ve urgent work, brother. Any vacant house in your area? People are very smart now, brother. They pay advance before
house is vacated. They don’t allow putting to-let board.
How can anyone find a house? No vacant house,
who needs house now, brother? Sir needs. Hold this. Why are you getting anxious?
– Not yet found a house? Have tea, man. Hold this, how can you do this?
This will not work out. First have tea, man. One minute, I’ll call you now. Stop…please, tell me and go. Have tea peacefully,
talk to him and come near van. Sir….would anyone search for
vacant house carrying luggage? Please bear it, brother.
He’ll find one. I’m getting late, sir. Go! Go…go… I’m getting late, sir,
please tell me. How much?
– Rs.8, sir. Early morning got stuck with
a nuisance customer. Confirm it, I’ll be there. I said I’ll come…I’ll come. I’ll come. What are you going to do? He’ll definitely find a house. Till I find a house,
I’ll see how can he take the van. No way, I’ll unload things here,
you find another van. I can understand your problem,
what can I do if you talk like this? Tell her to get down, sir.
I’ve to unload things. Why are you shouting on him? Am I shouting? Will you search
for house carrying luggage? Take a day’s rent as extra,
tell your boss. I don’t want, unload your luggage. Please listen to me. Wait, sir.
– Can’t I unload it? Unload it.
– Let me see it. What’s this?
– He looks suspicious. Don’t unload it.
– You unload it. Don’t rush, sir.
– Please listen to me, brother. Let him unload it.
– You’ll understand if I unload it. Let him do it.
– Keep quiet, brother. Bloody! Are you happy now? Brother, you must listen
if I say something. We’ll go the opposite street
and see a house. Okay? Madam, please wait here.
You come with me, sir. Sir, people don’t care
for soft requests. We can run our life,
only if we cheat people. We requested him humbly,
did he care to listen to us? Come, let’s see a house. Hello! Whom do you want to meet? Why are you coming without
closing the gate? People generally ask,
why did you come opening the gate? You’re asking
why I came without closing the gate? I’m sure you’re a good girl. I need a house on rent. If you tell who the owner is…
– I’m the owner but no vacant home on rent. To-let board was hanging on gate, so…
– My gate? No way. We’ve on compound gate on backside. My father is in backyard, talk to him. Do you own that house also? What exactly you want? How many will stay? 3 children and husband
and wife, totally 5. 5 people can’t stay here. Only 3 can stay here,
we’ve water problem here. We’ll adjust, sir. No, it’ll not be fine,
we’ll face problems. Come, let’s find another house, sir. I told him to bring 2 or 3 members only,
he’s bringing big crowd to kill me. People must seek your
permission to have children. We don’t give on rent
to non-vegetarians. Can have at least eggs, right? It’ll not work out, you can go. Come, let’s find another house. How can children grow without
eating eggs also? Come, let’s go. This is the house, see inside.
Water is no problem. Attached bath, separate meter. Total will come to Rs.7000. Can you offer it for Rs.4000, sir?
– Rs.4000? Hello broker! Won’t you tell
customers before bringing them? Torturing me early morning.
Take him away. Come, sir. They’ll lament with me at tea shop
but on coming here they’ll talk rules. Anyway you can’t get a house
for Rs.3500, sir. Rent is Rs.8000,
nothing for Rs.4000. Come if Rs.8000 is okay to you,
no house for Rs.4000. Already let out. Fluttering lamps… Can it question blowing wind? Boats floating in water… Can it question water? Like a insect searching for food… Like is getting eaten away
by white ants… A group is struggling to hit shore… No use in accusing them, sir. They take loans, bank loans
to build houses. Bank goes after them for
monthly installments. To pay banks,
they increase rents for us. If this goes on, how can people
live in rented homes in Chennai? Don’t know what the
van driver is doing? Is it Rangasami brother? I’m Arumugam broker here.
– Go on. Any vacant house with you, brother? I do.
– Yes, very good party, brother. Which place?
– My place…neighbouring place. How many children? I’ll tell everything personally, brother. Come quickly. I’ll come immediately.
– Don’t delay, come quickly. Very large house,
children can play happily. People who stayed there left
to live in own homes. If couple don’t have children,
they’ll have children here. Yes, couple without sons will get son,
couple without daughter will get daughter. That house is so lucky, sir. Okay, I’ll definitely fix
this house for you. If you get little place,
you dare to come out. You must stay inside only, right? Why do you come out? Rangasami! Someone has spat here,
too many flies are coming. Today flies, tomorrow it’ll be rats. Please check it. This is the house, stop here. Please get down, sir.
– Will you unload things at least here? Come, sir.
– They’ll fix this house. Please wait for some time, I’ll talk to house owner and
unload the things. Buy own vehicle and engage driver,
only then he’ll follow you to every street. May your words come true,
I’ll buy it. What a driver you’ve engaged?
Come, let’s meet the owner. Why trouble when it is ending?
He has talked to him. Go, sir. They’ve packed the van. I’ll unload things,
fix it and come quickly. Greetings, brother. Come.
– He’s the tenant. Greetings, sir. Did you tell him compound
conditions and amount? I told him, you tell him again, brother. I hate cheats, frauds and liars. What do you do? Working with a bakery company, sir. Do you make good money? Enough to run family, brother. I don’t mind what your job is. I must get rent on the
first of every month. Rs.3500 is rent. Rs.100 for water,
Rs.60 for maintenance. I don’t charge too much like others. Rs.7 per unit. Do what others do for
different occasions. Do you agree? Okay. Okay, open the house, brother.
We’ll get the things. There are many things to say, listen. No agreement, you must pay advance. You must vacate if I don’t like you. You must behave so that I like you. Okay. Only 3 or 4 members are allowed to stay. Because there’s water shortage
problem here. How many of you will stay here? They’re two and their two children,
totally 4, you already said that. Come sir, let’s get the things. Driver is talking too much,
as if he’s the van manufacturer. We’ll come, brother.
Bye, brother. Come, let’s go. What’s this, brother?
– Everything is fixed, right? I said 3 children, brother. You lied we’ve 2 children only, brother. Just do it for now,
we’ll manage it later. How can we manage with 3 children
after telling we’ve 2 children only? Sir, in city you can run family
with lies only. Will you spend night on street
with wife and kids? I lied to him for your sake only.
Did I tell it for my sake? How many number I may change,
they’ll find it? You pay driver, I’ll attend this call. Sir, tell him to pay, I need to go.
– Take it…take it. Sir, I’m waiting for you.
When will you come? I’m on the way, sir.
– Take it. You’re in shop, right? Wait there.
– Why are you giving just Rs.1100? I’ve been running around the city
with you since morning. How can you just pay Rs.1100?
– I’ve paid you Rs.500 extra. How this will be enough, sir?
– I can give that much only. Don’t you pity his condition?
Please take it and go. Don’t you pity my condition then?
Will you answer my boss? Go…go, man.
– Talk respectfully. Okay go, sir. Making fun? You’ll pay for it.
– Give that thing. If you pay me, customer is waiting. Brother, I’m afraid of house owner. Please talk to him and fix it, brother. Leave it, one kid is your problem, right? Your problem is solved, sir. Come, sunny. Got scared? Father is with you, right? Come out. Kavi, I’ll sit inside for some time. I’ll look out from window. Father told me to sit inside box. We got a house to stay, right? Why? Just few days only,
we’ll find another house. Till then manage here. Difficulties are increasing every day,
how long to endure these difficulties? Won’t you keep quiet?
Children are here, right? Will you take me out in box
tomorrow also, father? Jolly! Father told me to sit inside box. Get up, it’s mine,
father told me to sit inside. I’m pushing difficulties on you, right? Hubby, please don’t cry. Our children mustn’t know
what we’ve been going through. Nobody in compound must
know about Kannan staying here. Hey old lady, don’t come with
that stinking wig. Keep quiet, you silly boy! Don’t I know that make up style
for road and home? Hello! How do I look? I misunderstood you,
you’re completely different. Give me. Is it important now?
– Get going. I too counted it 4 times,
it’s perfect. Shouldn’t I check if it is real or fake? All are real notes,
I took loan from my friend. What? Loan?
Will you pay rent properly? On first of every month, even if you’re
sleeping I’ll wake you up to pay rent. Wake me up? I’ve a grown up daughter. Just come to see me in morning,
that’s enough. Can I come at morning 8, sir? I’ll come to collect myself. Give the key, sir.
I’ll take care like my own house. No need to take care as own house.
Enough if you see it as rented house. Pay rent promptly. That’s not big deal,
few singles is enough. Nothing, sir… I feel like I’ve seen her. Near the temple…
– Grandma visits temples regularly. My real grandma.
– Yes…yes… I don’t care whether she’s real
or fake grandma. But nobody must come here for you. Nobody will pay advance after
visiting temple, I’ve paid you, sir. See, the house will flourish. Take the key.
Take it. Why is he seeing it like golden key? House Owner is arriving! Be alert! Father, I spilled water. What’s this, son? At this hour, give me bucket. Water is not there! Who is inside? It’s me!
– Let it be anyone I don’t care. If you finish water,
do you want us to wipe with paper? I’ll complaint to owner,
only then you’ll get sense. Let owner come morning,
I’ll talk to him. I came to toilet urgent
but he used entire water stock. Why is she shouting, father? Shut up, wear your shorts
and come out. Isn’t it fun to travel
in box every day? Mother told you, right?
Keep quiet till others go out. Don’t make noise. Always tough for you to go to school.
– Bye. Take it. Come. Check outside. Come. Rangasami, I feel there are more
members in that house. Check it. Who stays here? Coming, sir. You can’t let guest stay here for 2 days
to use bathroom and toilet. Either ask your guest to go
or you vacate the place. For me head is very important. If I say only this many are allowed,
only that many should stay here. Entering the house telling lies,
if you have fun with guests. I’ll throw out your things. Have forgotten the conditions? I’ll not show any mercy, be careful. Are we running free lodge
to host guests here? Head count is very important
to us, right mother? If they behave like this,
we must get new tenant. Did you keep all books in bag? Get down. Kavi, don’t go home with your sister
and brother after school. I’ll come to pick you up.
Got it? Okay? Wait in the same place.
Don’t go away anywhere. Okay, father.
– Okay, go. Kavi, don’t forget. Bye. I thought of coming to meet you, sir. When will you come to see, Maran? Do I look like an idiot to you? You promised to pay but didn’t. House vanished,
your company vanished. You yourself vanished. The day you pay principle with interest,
you can take your cycle. Sir, my business runs on cycle. You can do business if you’ve cycle. But I can run business
if I’ve money, right? I’ll come today evening
to pay little amount. You keep on saying this.
But you keep on shifting homes. Can I follow you like shadow? You tell me, am I a dog to sniff
and chase you? Hey, take the cycle to home,
I’ll come after finishing my work. Sir…
– Get going. Wait, brother. Sir, please tell him. Wait, please.
He’ll tell you, please wait. Brother told me, come home to discuss. Sir…sir… Hey brother…brother…wait… He made the car to stink. Brother!
– Tell me. Brother, luggage is leaking.
– What? I think luggage may use car as pot. Return the luggage to party and
send car to water service. I’ll see you later. Sister, let’s fix marriage after Monisha’s
dance performance as she wishes. She learnt just two steps after attending
Bharatanatyam classes for 5 years. Itís Bharatanatyam, only if we it as that. When will she give dance performance?
When will you marry her? But she… Talk to her and marry quickly,
get into the next phase of life. You tell her, sister. Take coffee. Take it. Take your coffee. My brother is earning well
by running kangaroo courts. Let’s get our daughter
married to him now. If my brother gets another idea,
our daughter will remain with us. Brother-in-law! Didn’t I tell he’s in different mood? Brother-in-law!
I don’t have any objection. If you’ve confidence of managing her,
if she too likes you. We can fix marriage anytime.
– Okay, uncle. Whatever it is, your sister married me
with your property. Now, my daughter will marry you
with my entire property. We must enjoy our property. Nobody else must come between us. Got it?
– Got it, uncle. Talk to her then. Shall we marry?
– Why? To have a child! Why carry this now?
Give me. Flower business here also. Do you know how I yearned to see you? Keep quiet!
How desirous you are! Someone may come in.
– Who will come here? Look dear, you’re my fragrance of love
not flowers. Poem? She calls in at most inappropriate time. What are you doing?
Where are you putting your hands? Searching for your pockets.
– I don’t keep anything in pockets. You don’t like if I keep hands
in your pocket. What are you doing here?
Go away! I said go away! Brother, I’m Maran here. I told you that day itself,
you didn’t listen to me. Usury took away my cycle
along with box and stock. How am I to enter the compound
with my son, brother? Find another house for me, brother. Okay, brother. Come, son.
– Where’s your cycle, father? It’s confiscated, come. Why are you pumping it strongly?
Can’t you do it gently? I’m using 2 washers every month,
do you know the cost of each washer? Rs.50! Is it park? Go to your homes. Looks like you’ll make potholes
jumping around the compound. Go to your homes. Son…careful…
Shall we raise rents? Give me match box. Take it. Milk price has gone up,
electricity rates have been raised. Why can’t we raise rents? Did you find your cycle?
– No. Anyone there in compound? Yes, house owner and his mother
are discussing sitting near gate Let’s raise from next month,
if not it’ll not help us. Tell me. Has house owner left? No, they both are still here only. I don’t think they’ll go now. Okay, Kavi can’t bear hunger,
did he eat anything? Kavi is eating idly. Do one thing,
call me when they’re gone. I’ll wait for your call.
Okay? Okay, I’ll call you. I must go to school tomorrow, father.
We must get back our cycle at any cost. Okay, we’ll take it back. You eat idly,
we’ll take back our cycle. What happened? Brother, finished the luggage
on your order. Okay, clear it off,
we’ll discuss tomorrow morning. Hey, come fast. Come silently. Who is it? Who are you? Come out. Constable, someone is sitting inside
and refusing to come out, check. Who are you?
What are you doing here? Get up…come out.
Come. What are you looking at?
Come…come…. Why is he cutting the call? Why were you hiding inside? Sir, I came to meet a person here,
my cycle was confiscated. Confiscated? What do you do?
Who is that kid? Sir, please don’t talk disrespectfully
to my father. Hey son, please keep quiet. Respect? Greetings sir. Why were you hiding inside then? Sir, please don’t mistake him,
he’s just a little kid. I took loan from Usury here. Didn’t pay interest for couple of weeks,
he confiscated my cycle, sir. I need cycle to run my business. I came to get back my cycle
with my son. Got scared seeing police jeep… Please get back our cycle, sir. What’s this, constable? Inquired hiding man but
sleeping man got caught. Is he paying our station?
What’s his name? Sir is asking you, right?
Tell his name. Deva, sir.
– Music Director Deva? No sir, this is his house.
– Then? This house? Check, constable. Go.
– Okay. Get him, whoever it may be. Come, man.
– Coming…coming… Sir! Are you Deva?
– Yes, sir. Are you doing illegal finance business? Don’t you know to pay us? Sir… You’ll pay flower seller, menial workers
and then torture them for interest. But you’ll forget us.
Isn’t it? This cycle belongs to him, right?
– Yes, sir. Take your cycle.
Take it. Sir told you, right? Take your cycle. Take it….sir, please step aside. Sir….
– Whatever it is, inform us and do it. If you inform us and do it,
it’s half price only. If you do without informing us,
we’ll charge full price. You don’t know this,
come to station tomorrow morning. I really got scared for few moments. Sir, I’ll come tomorrow morning. Come on time.
– I’ll come, sir. Come…come fast… Who is it? Who is it?
Who opened the gate? Did my son go away without
locking the gate? I’ll take him to task tomorrow. Don’t get angry, grandma.
– Bread seller’s wife? You can live as good man
in this world. You can live as bad man also. But good and bad men
mustn’t live together. Leader rocked it! Brother, perfect performance
in first take. Remove light….
come here, take that cutter. Give him water. Brother, you rocked the scene. You’ll surely get next year’s award. You will not come well.
– Not well?- Yes. I’ll go to Chennai and
come back as famous actor. I’ll not come to you,
watch my song and dance on TV! Hey son, please don’t go.
– Let him go! You always sleep facing down,
why are you sleeping facing up? Dreaming? Yes. Ajith, Vijay or Power Star? Baasha Rajini! May Kullamani ruin your dream. My dear maiden…you’re my love… From your future! Look at his name. I searched entire letter, you’ve written something but
didn’t find I love you anywhere. I don’t want to talk to you. Looks like too difficult.
But house is more important to me. Hello, I love you. Promise me, do you really love me?
– I promise. Wait, I’m coming. O my love, I’ve gone mad… Admit me in the hospital of
your eyes and treat me… Build a house in your heart,
I’ll come to reside… I’ll love you all my life
as your tenant… Hey you, come here!
Who broke the pump? I don’t know. I’ve to ask my husband,
hubby, house owner is calling you. We don’t know anything,
it was good today morning. Good? Look, how it is broken! Opposite house people
would’ve used the pump. It has become a cold war with them. Come here, who broke this pump? Did you find us as scapegoats? You fill more than 10 pots,
why not accuse people in that house? Why not them? Why accuse us? Why shouldn’t I accuse you?
You use pump, right? Shut up! All of you come out! I must know who broke the pump! Go and ask him. Come out. If you don’t tell me
who broke this pump? I’ll put fine on all tenants. Why are you shouting like this? Are women only using pump?
Men too are using the pump. If you know… I can understand your love
in your smile… I can see your face… I’m lost in your thoughts
all through day and night… You understand it like a child… Hubby, I broke the pump. What? You? They’re fighting with each other,
why didn’t you tell them? If I tell now, they’ll shred me,
infact I’m very scared of him. Are you mad?
Can’t you keep quiet? Why should I pay for it?
Why should I pay if someone breaks it? Should I pay for it?
You keep quiet. Stop it…stop it!
– Why stop it? It was going on fine, right? Rs.50 fine to all tenants. Should we also pay fine? You were to come tomorrow, right? Why should you pay fine? Would I ask you? You’ve paid 3 monthsí rent
as advance. This is for people who struggle
to pay rents not for you. This compound is like that
we’re like one big family. Live as you wish but give key. Clear off…come, let’s go. Mother, give me key. Son, they look different. Can they adjust in our compound? Watch out, I’m warning you. Come inside. Come…
– Where are you going? Stop. Come silently. What?
– Surprize for you. We can talk to each other always.
– If my father sees, he’ll hit me. I’ll go. Does it have radio option?
– Yes. Can I take photos?
– You can. Okay, someone may see us,
I’ll go now. What? Love? Don’t giggle too much. What shall we do with this? Surprize for you. If my father sees, he’ll hit me. Delete it, sir.
– What will I do deleting it? Let’s unite first, come, dear. Sir…sir… Sir, your installment. I misunderstood you,
please don’t take it to your heart. No problem, sir. Give me some more time,
I’ll repay balance loan. Don’t come with police!
– What sir? Just for fun! Bye.
– Okay, sir. Sister, give me flowers for Rs.10. Not enough if you buy for Rs.10,
young girl must use many flowers. If I buy for Rs.20,
father will shout on me, sister. Your father will shout
even if you buy for Rs.10. I’ll give extra flowers,
needn’t pay for it. Keep this also.
– Okay, bye sister. I can hear heart asking
if you’re an angel.. It shudders saying
you’re a love devil… I wish to admire your flowery smile… Thorns in your roses are killing me… Hello dear! If old lady comes to know this,
she’ll tear you into pieces. Sir, please don’t tell her. If you go on like this,
your love will not get good mileage. You’re hero to us, sir.
Please unite us, sir. Hey mad boy!
What are you eavesdropping there? I think door is broken, grandma. Door broken?
– Yes. Father…father… Where these ants are going, father? Going to their home. Is it own home or rental? We’re paying rent for ants also. Does house owner know this? Go to sleep without talking,
morning we’ll ask someone to change. Uncle and father are in home,
call me later. Whose phone it is?
Who are you talking to? Nobody… Sir, I’ll take the boy to stage. Prize distribution to
fancy dress competition winners. We request class 3 student Kavitha to come
on stage for playing Avvaiyar’s role. Murugesan will now
present prize to Kavitha. Natesan will now present
prize to Bharathi. Mrs.Kamala will present prize
to Kavi. The boy has won first prize in
painting and poetry competitions. I request chief guests to present
him with prizes. Please call his parents on stage. Madam wants the student’s
parents to come on stage. So, I request them to come on stage. The boy has participated in many competitions
and come out with flying colours. He has brought laurels
to this school. We must encourage such
exceptional students with ovation. I request on behalf of parents and teachers
to give him more opportunities to shine better. Let’s go, no problem.
– You keep quiet. Who invited this man? He’s very bad man. His father was very good man. He helped this school in many ways. No need to go there, come. Please come, sir…come. Let’s go on stage. Do we’ve to tell him?
Come. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Please take your seat, sir. Greetings, sir. I wish sir presents the next
two prizes to the boy. Rangasami will now present
the prize to the winner boy. We request again to the parents of Kavi,
please come on stage. Poor boy! Let’s go. Please listen to me.
– Haven’t they come yet? Only few students get opportunity
to honour parents on stage. We congratulate this student
and his parents. What are you looking at?
Go away. Among the languages in the world
which are losing out. I regret to say Tamil is also one of them. We thank the management of this school
for running this Tamil arts competition. Come quickly. Kavi is missing. May be waiting outside. In the way life is going on,
I’m turning hostile… Experiencing pain that
hurts beyond death… Did you see Kavi? Did you see him near home? What are you saying?
He doesn’t know the way to home. You cut the call, I’ll call you. Cut the call, I’ll come with him. Hubby! Did you see Kavi going out?
– He went long back. Missing? Search for him. All have left after function. I searched inside school,
your son is not here. If Kavi comes here,
keep him here, I’ll come back. What happened to you, Kavi? Where did you go, son?
– Thank God, he didn’t get hurt. Thank you very much, sir. If you weren’t here, my son would’ve… You didn’t get hurt, right son? Don’t cry, dear.
Nothing has happened to you. Don’t cry, son.
You’re fine. Come, let’s go home.
– Take him home carefully. You say your son but
never seen him in our compound. I’ve 3 children, I lied that I’ve 2 kids
to enter that compound. I didn’t have choice,
my situation was worse. Don’t tell anyone till
I find another house, sir. Rangasami doesn’t allow
bachelors to stay there. That old lady with me
is not my grandma. She was begging on streets, I became tenant there by
telling she’s my grandma. My plan is to trap his daughter and
become owner of that building. Don’t tell anyone about this. What’s this?
You’ve a very big plan. Whatever we do we must do it big, right?
– I’m also there in his plan. What happened? Kavi… Had any bad dream? Didn’t get sleep? No…let’s find another house. For our personal problems,
children are facing difficulties. I can’t bear it anymore. Am I keeping quiet? I’ve been working…
running around like a dog. But nothing is happening. Why should we struggle here then?
Let’s go back to our place. Why are you talking like this? We came here to escape from there. If we go there with same difficulties,
they’ll look down upon us. No, please. If you want we can find
another house in few days. Till then bear it. We’ll be fine. I gave letter but she didn’t come. I think she has been caught. What happened? What happened? He’s asking you, right?
Answer him. Nobody talks to me. He hit me. Why are you banging head?
What happened to you? Please listen to me. You’re bleeding. Have a quarter and fix the matter.
Keep it. Take it. It’s been days since I’ve seen a note. Please open the door.
Please listen to me. Whatever you may say,
I’ll not open the door. She’s not eating anything,
something may happen to her. Is she not eating? Let her fast! How many times I’ve told you
not to pamper her! I trusted her so much,
she cheated me. No food or water till she tells truth. Uncle, Monisha is very good girl. She committed mistake unwittingly. If we talk to her normally,
she’ll be fine, uncle. It’s been 2 days since she
ate anything, uncle. Do whatever you want but ensure
she doesn’t commit any mistake. Okay, I’ll take care, uncle. Oh God! That is… Why am I getting smell of
something burnt again? Father, you always burn dosas
in kitchen. Mother, make dosa and
bring it quickly, I’m hungry. You take this dosa,
I’ll have the next dosa. I’ll come evening to take it. Father has come! I’ll sit on pillion. Look, I can’t buy whatever you ask. Father, we’ll take whatever
you buy for us. Come. Happiness is losing out
hidden in your heart… A young heart is hidden in cage…
life has become like a refugee… Heart wishes to fly freely like a bird… Life is withering mistaking
glass as stars… I had a ball, I lost it. Why are you standing here?
Go away. Hanging on gate, don’t you know boys
from neighbourhood are not allowed inside? Get out. Did you find gate to play?
Hit and throw the boys out. What’s the noise on terrace, mother? Drying clothes were taken by 6 pm, right? Stop there! If you want to buy flowers,
buy from outside. Don’t come inside and buy.
Got it? Go. Why are you playing here? You know the price of sand?
Get up…go away. Don’t we have own nest to live? Life is moving like Gypsy… In the nest of love
every day is struggle… Increasing rent by Rs.100
to all portions. Prices have gone up, right? What’s this? Why did he offer you that house
for Rs.3500? A man hanged himself
to death in that house. Died? Moon, isn’t there place for you to stay? Why were you born as my son? There’s no hope of tomorrow… It is taking heavy toll of our lives… Came into this world to live… Getting stuck in the web of life… Grandma! I’m unable to sleep
thinking about Monisha. Yuck! Sleep silently. You say you’re unable to sleep
thinking about her, it hurts me. We’ll meet her tomorrow morning,
sleep now. May be he’ll commit suicide
in dejection. He’s shameless and involved me too. Hubby! I just saw. What did you see?
I don’t see anything. Come fast. Don’t waste water.
– Okay, father. You’re coming, right?
I’ve stand alone outside. Very important now, go ahead. You want to use toilet, right?
Hold the candle. My damn fate! Come, man. My damn fate! Come, man. Do it quickly, that opposite
house man may come. No evil spirit may come
before me, Lord! You’re staying in my house and
offering prayers to chase out evil spirits. Let my son Rangasami come. Oh grandma! I saw the ghost
hanging from window. I saw it walking with anklets. With bulgy eyes! Fully naked! Like a small boy, it was standing! I cried loudly in fear on seeing it. But it too shouted loudly. I don’t know why? They say he committed suicide in this house,
didn’t you see anything strange? Rangasami, people are saying there’s ghost
here and bringing us bad reputation. We saw it with our eyes, we know it. What’s this, Maran? Maran, people spread rumours. This compound needs people like you
who don’t believe such rumours. You live as you say! Members of family are same
as you said. No guests. You don’t hide anything,
straight forward honest man. Yes, but wife and kids are
little scared. It’s all in mind. Just a prayer is enough,
everything will be fine. Don’t tell anyone here,
pay the old rent. Is it okay?
What are you thinking? Do you mean ghost is there? Okay sir, I’ll manage for you.
– Hubby, come…come quickly. What? Bye. Looks like ghosts have
taken over the place. Idiot….fool! I left trusting you. Can I show my face to
in this compound? Can I walk tall again? I lost my face and my honour. Uncle, SI is my friend.
Monisha wouldn’t have gone far. Wherever she may have gone,
I’ll find who that guy is! But please this secret from others. Grandma, it seems owner’s
daughter escaped from captivity. What? It seems house owner’s daughter eloped! Eloped! Did house owner’s daughter elope?
She’s here… Hello actor, do you know the news? After years some good news
in our compound. Got caught, Siva. Please come in, brother. Do you know the matter?
– What? I told you not to trust that girl. You didn’t listen, drink. No, please brother. By now you would feel like
taking poison also. We can’t bear to see if someone
marries the girl we love. She has eloped with another man,
how could you take it so easily? Drink! Nothing like that, brother.
She’s very good girl. No man who failed in love has
ever said his lover was bad. She didn’t go anywhere, brother. Before you get dejected and
kill yourself, drink this. You’ll get peace,
you’ll forget her, drink it. I need the drink now! Missed the drink, boy! If I come, I’ll kill you. What if he tells the owner? They’re coming a group,
are they vacating any house? Who are you?
– Who are you guys? You’re barging into the house. I’m CBI officer, we’ve information,
we need to search the house. What are you saying?
Can’t understand a word. Are you questioning CBI?
Move away. Whoever you may be, I don’t care. We suspect there’s a terrorist…
move away… Come on, search! What is he saying? We’re from CBI. We’ve information,
we’ve to search house. By the way who are you?
– House owner. How many houses are here?
Go and search the houses. Sit…sit here. Don’t come out till I ask you.
Okay? How long are you residing here? You’ve come to the wrong place,
no terrorist stays in y compound. They’re just families.
– Hey you, stop there. Where are you working?
– In bakery. How many members are
there in your family? What’s your name? How many stay here?
– I and my grandma, sir. Who is inside.
– Nobody, sir. Grandma… Sir, bomb in suitcase. Give way….move away… I should’ve suspected
when he paid 3 monthsí rent. You too come to the station.
Bring him also. Come, man. Leave me…leave me, sir. Nothing doing, bring him to the jeep. I’m innocent, sir. I thought they were good men
and rented the place. I don’t know anything, sir. Are you all watching fun? Will you prosper in life? I told everything to Maran. You come to railway station
with Monisha before dawn. Keep this for expenses. Will you buy me a soft drink?
– Keep quiet. Property is not important, Siva.
Look after Monisha well. God will take care of other things. If you need any help,
call me, I’ll take care of it. Will you buy me
something cool or not? Keep quiet. I can’t bear it. It was my mistake for
letting you into my house. I allowed you to stay here for her.
If she’s gets into trouble, you will… Poor lady! Please don’t shout on her. I did much for her. Don’t shout, leave her. I’ll go now.
Reach there on time. Be careful.
– Okay, sir. What did you tell now? Did you bring me here for her? Am I not your grandma then? Would my grandma do like this? You promised to look after me
like your real grandma. Is it lie? Shut up, go to sleep. I’ll sleep…sleep… I…I…
– I’m in deep trouble and she… Poor lady! Okay. Why are you scolding her?
– She’s big head ache. Do you need powder now?
Pack your clothes first. Tell me, brother.
– Are you ready? I’m ready, brother.
We’ll come as you planned. Bye, brother. Wake up grandma. Grandma…grandma…grandma… That old lady never comes
anywhere without this bag. What?
– Look at grandma! Grandma…grandma… Grandma! Grandma! Grandma… Have you left me? Since this world considers you
as unwanted burden… Did you go away before me? Aren’t you coming
to see grandma, sister? That girl is alone inside,
be with her. Have this. No, thanks. You didn’t even have anything
since morning. At least drink water. I don’t want, sister.
Give this to him. Is it any exhibit to watch? Already people are spreading
rumours about evil spirits here. Carry it. He has garlanded it, right?
What are you waiting for? Carry and bury it quickly. Hey wait! We’ll carry it. Grandma has only Siva. Just 5 minutes only, let him finish
rituals, we’ll remove the body. Rituals?
Is the old lady attained age? To follow rituals. Remove the body
before it starts to stink. What are you saying? If you die, would your body be
fragrant like sandalwood? If you want to keep body and
then cremate, you must have own home. It is wrong to die in a rented house. Moreover they want to
do rituals also. Hey lease, problem is growing bigger,
your man is talking too much. This compound is for living
people only not for dead. Will you take the body
or shall I throw it out? Are you human? At least she died in home,
don’t know where you would die? Would a dying man go to
cemetery to breathe his last? We’ll keep body here
and then carry it. You’re so hard hearted,
that’s why your daughter left you. How dare you talk to like
that in my place? Get out! Come out, man, I’ll smash your face. How dare you raise hand on me!
– Leave him…hands off him. Bloody compound!
It’s like a jail with few cells. Show your power within
your compound. Come out, man!
You’ll vanish! Hey lease, are you insulting me
by bringing a drunkard? You don’t have place here.
Get out. Are we living like humans here?
We’re like dead bodies. Get ready my lease money,
I’ll vacate the place. Get his money.
– Cool down, brother. Sir, please no. If she goes out with trouble,
her soul may not rest in peace. We’ll carry it…
Hey, come on…come… Come, let’s carry it. No life to live… No one to support… Have you become just a drop of tear? All are burning people alive,
you’re cremating dead. Keep this. She would’ve been alive
had she been on streets! I brought her here for
my selfishness and killed her. Not like that, Siva. You were with her, that’s she had
relatives till she was cremated. If not she would’ve died
like an orphan. People die earlier or later. She was old.
Come, let’s go. Take your money!
Clear out with your things. Take it! What are you looking at? Looks like, he’s spoiling others also. First throw him out. Everyone in compound
will fall in line. Take it, man. Sir, if you ask him to vacate suddenly,
where would he go, sir? They’ll stay in my house and hold me
by my collar, should I allow them to stay? I want to live peacefully for some time
with a good house owner. First do that. Siva, man without own house
is like refugee. Must come or go for whims
and fancies of house owner. I’ll stay with my friend. Siva, everything will go fine
as you wish. Bye. Look at him! Any information about
my granddaughter, Rangasami? Won’t you keep quiet? Neither you nor your daughter
will keep quiet! But ask me to keep quiet. Take it. This SIM card was brought
using your uncle’s house address. What are you saying? Name is Siva.
– Siva? Inquire there.
I’ll send SI with you. Tell me. Uncle, he has brought SIM
using our address. His name is Siva,
mustn’t spare him, uncle. You go there,
I’ll follow you with SI. What? Staying in my compound,
are you trying to hoodwink me? I’m coming! Enough of studies, get up. Sit inside.
– Bye, sister. Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Bye, brother. Bye, sister! Bye! Check outside. Has your business picked up?
The box has grown bigger. They’ve raised rent, right?
I’ve to do extra business. Any news about granddaughter? He’s there only,
in my uncle’s compound. Okay, brother. Go there with boys. Start bike. I’ll tell you, go. Why are you learning cycle on road?
Pick up your cycle. How long will you take?
Pick up cycle. Go on one side.
– I will, sir. SI is with him. Go.
– Thank you very much. Bye, sir. Possible for father to do it! One room for you, one room
for sister, one room for brother. One room for each one of you
with swing and big garden. Must build a big bungalow! Let’s keep pet dog, father. I’ll bring my friends to home, father. Not just dog, you can keep
whatever you want. I’ll payment from this shop.
– Okay, father. Where are you?
– I’m standing in market, brother. Chellapandi, I’ve seen you. A police man is standing near the
place we’re exchanging drugs. What are you saying, brother? What am I to do now? If he sees me, he’ll get doubt.
– Brother! So, I’m standing in Next Street. Look for a cycle with
blue cover near you. I’ve seen it, brother. Come to next street with it,
we’ll exchange it there. Okay? Father! Father…father…look here, father! Father! Father…father… Father, save me! What happened? What happened, sir? Come…come…
What happened? Who is the child? What happened to the child? Who is the child?
– He’s my son. Your son? Why are you taking him inside a box? Take water, give him quickly. They’re kidnapping kids in new style. Hit him and ask.
– Who are you? Tell me! Who are you? Tell me! My son…
– Don’t hit my father! Father? What’s this, man? Clear out…with your box.
Go…go… I’m telling you all, clear off. My son…my son… You cheated me!
You did so many things here! Sir, I did it unwittingly.
If you want extra rent. Did it unwittingly?
You hid your own son. Don’t know what else
you’ve hidden here? Now I understand you spread the
rumour about ghost in this compound. Why are you talking to him, Rangasami? Hit and throw out that thief! Sir, all are watching us. If you throw us out suddenly,
where can I find a house now? Please show some mercy, sir. Keeping promise is important to me,
must stand by your word. Sir, I’ll vacate next month. Father, don’t beg with him,
he’s a bad man. Keep quiet, son. Mother, I saw him hugging
lady flower seller. Bloody rascals! Family full of cheats! Are you accusing me as bad man? Nobody must stay here
for a minute. Get out! I’ll kill you!
Get out! Little boy, he said that ignorantly.
Please forgive him, sir. It happened because of me, father.
Sorry, father. I must say sorry to you, son.
Sorry, son. Please do your elegy outside. How dare you touch my son! No….no…please, listen to me. What do you think of yourself?
I’ll finish you. Leave him…leave him, sir. Get out. He told you, right? Get out. What’s this, fate? Come…come…
– Get out! Bloody refugee! There are only
two castes in this world. One who pays rent and
another is on who takes rent. You belong to the caste of rent payer. You know the value of this house
when you roam on streets with things. I’m leaving the place insensitively… Where am I to go?
No visible path… Go to nowhere which nobody knows… O fate! Did you find only me to play with?
Don’t you feel like leaving me alone? Tell me, Maran.
What happened? I thought of calling you.
– Rangasami threw us out. Come to the place I tell you,
very important matter. Come quickly. Rare opportunity for general public! Welcome to cycle competition
by Ambico Developers. Ambico Developers will give a 600 sq.ft.
house to the winner of the competition. This is very good opportunity.
– Stop the vehicle…stop… Second prize is 5 sovereign gold coin. Third prize is 2 sovereign gold coin. We welcome all qualified
competitors to the competition. We welcome once again the
winners of this competition. Though rat hole, it is very important. Because home is very important
for humans. That’s why Ambico is giving
this rare opportunity to public. Over 300 men have registered
for the competition. 9 lucky people have been
selected through lucky dip. The last competitor will be selected
in few minutes from now. You could be that lucky man,
don’t miss the opportunity. Please move…
– What? I know that man.
– You can’t go there. I know him I’ll talk to him
for few minutes. To participate in this competition,
all you need to do is… Register your name by paying Rs.500. His name is Maran.
– Pay Rs.500. Everyone in Chennai wishes
to live in own house. Eagerly awaited last lucky competitor
will be known in few seconds. Eagerly awaited last minute is here! The last lucky competitor is… M Maran! Competition is about to begin,
I request competitors to be ready. Bloody refugee! There are only
two castes in this world. One who pays rent and
another is one who takes rent. You belong to the caste of rent payers. You know the value of this house
when you roam on streets with things. Why are you talking to him, Rangasami? Hit and throw out that thief! Competition is about to begin,
I request competitors to be ready. The competition has begun! We’ll know who the winner is
in few minutes. We request on behalf of Ambico
to cheer the competitors. Competitors are lunging towards
the winning point ferociously. I request spectators to cheer them
with your thundering claps! We’ll know who the winners are of Ambico
house and gold coins in few minutes! Tough competition among competitors. Competitors are nearing winning point,
I request people to cheer them with claps. Heavy competition among competitors! We’ll know who the winner is
in few minutes. Competitors are surging ahead
to win Ambico house! Come on, father….come on… Come on, father… Mr.Maran has won the
600 sq.ft Ambico house! I congratulate you on behalf of Ambico. Nothing will happen to you. Look at me! Don’t cry, son. I’ll die only after building
our own house for you and kids. Hubby! Hubby! Maran! You always dreamed of
own house, did you die achieving it? Father…father…


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