Is FCC chair helping telecoms kill open internet?

telecommunications giants like AT&T
Comcast and Verizon are back at it trying to dismantle net neutrality
regulations as a refresher net neutrality refers to the idea that
Internet service providers should treat all content equally today’s open
Internet is where hundreds of millions of Americans get their news shop and
both create and consume content current FCC chair Adjit Pai is calling the 2015
regulations antiquated and the repeal would encourage investment but former
FCC chair Tom wheeler is calling the repeal a sham and a sellout even for
this FCC and its leadership this raises hypocrisy to new heights wiping out net
neutrality would have big consequences without it your broadband provider could
carve out Internet access into fast and slow lanes favoring the traffic of
online platforms that have made special payments consigning all others to a
bumpy road your provider would have the power to choose which voices online to
amplify and which to censor the move could affect everything online including
the connections we make and the communities we create so far more than
22 million comments have been submitted to the FCC regarding the changes turns
out millions of those comments are probably fake this week New York
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman wrote an open letter to chairman pie accusing
him of blocking the investigation into what the AG is calling a massive scheme
to corrupt the FCC’s notice and comment process some consumers have complained
in letters to the FCC that their own names or addresses have been hijacked
and used to submit false comments to the FCC that they did not support public
comments play an important role at the FCC which typically solicits feedback
from Americans before it votes to make significant policy changes the FCC is
set to vote on Chairman Paes proposal December 14 but lawmakers could still
step in and demand hearings before any decision is made final Senate Commerce
Committee Chair John Thune issued a statement where he said I still strongly
believe the only way to create long-term certainty for the internet ecosystem is
for Congress to pass a bipartisan law if you found the information in this video
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