Is Computer Programming Hard to Learn?

– Hey guys, what’s up? This is Qazi from and in this video, we’re
gonna answer the question of, is computer programming hard to learn. So let’s jump right into it. (upbeat music) OK so I get this question a lot. Is computer programming hard to learn? Well I would kind of flip it back onto you and say hey, tell me one thing
that you think is worth doing that can actually make you money, that can actually make you happy, that can satisfy you,
that’s not hard right? So if you go back in your life,
search your memory vaults, you will find that almost
everything that’s worthwhile is actually hard right? So with computer programming,
it’s no different. I’m not gonna lie to you and
say that it’s somehow like, you’ll learn it instantly. But here are a few
things I will say to you. It’s not harder than any
other field that you want to get good at first of all. Another thing I wanna add is, I wanna kind of jump
right into busting myths. Some of the most handicapping myths that will stop your from
actually getting good at computer programming are, number one, do I need to be a math genius to actually get good at
computer programming? And I’m gonna bust this one right away. The answer is no. You do not need to be
some kind of math genius to get good at computer
programming alright. Programming does not require any kind of, like you don’t need to know
differential equations, you don’t need to have
taken some calculus. There are people who have
written all that code for you, that you can actually kind
of just use for yourself and make your life a lot easier. Let’s cut that one out
right away because it stops 90% of the people from
pursuing this field. Probably the number one growing field right now in the world. As people, we work actually
harder to find excuses to not do something rather than to
find excuses to do something. And this particular one,
being a math genius, or a math wizard, happens
to be one of those ones. Myth number two, is it too late for me to start learning computer programming? Is it too late? It wasn’t too late for
Jeff Bezos to start Amazon. It wasn’t too late for William Boeing and it certainly wasn’t
too late for Hugo Boss. This is another one of those myths that people use to kind of stop themselves from achieving their dreams,
achieving their goals and avoiding their fear of failure. The quick answer to that
is, no, it’s not too late to learn computer programming. From my experience, I
have taught students, who are age seven who learned
and also of age 65 and older who have actually learned. And that’s just from me right, the people that I worked with. Now you reach out to
thousands of other people, who are learning online
in today’s day and age. And thousands of them
are actually a lot older and they’ve started and
they’ve become great at computer programming. There are not like two different
companies you can work at. There’s not just Dropbox and Google. There are many other companies,
and independent contractor work that you can do as
a software developer. So if you develop a certain skill, let’s say it’s creating
apps, creating web apps. If it’s helping solve somebody’s problem, there’s somebody that you
can actually work with and charge. So that’s how I would
answer that question. It’s not too late for
you to start learning computer programming. I have a few videos that talk about what programming language
you can start off with first, that can help you kind of decide, OK where do you kind of start? I have a video that will show
you what kind of resources you can use to help you
learn computer programming so you can learn it faster. Go ahead and watch those
if you’re interested in pursuing this. But those were some of the
most handicapping myths that I could think of that I
wanted to kind of tell you, don’t fall for them. Don’t let your excuses
drive your behavior. Don’t let your fear of failure stop you from achieving your goals. Computer programming is an awesome field. And I think in today’s day and age, everybody should be doing it. And no matter what field you’re in, you can actually use it to help you. That’s one of the things I cover in why you should learn
to code video as well. That’s it guys for me. This is Qazi, I’m signing out. I love every single one of you. And I’ll see you in the next video.


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